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Hotels Constanta 4 stars

Bulevard Hotel Constanta
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Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Constanta

Bulevard Hotel (4 stars) is located on Mamaia boulevard, The Dolphinarium area, 2-3 minutes from the Mamaia rsort entrance. The hotel has a very privileged location, close to Mamaia resort but also, 10 minutes driving from the commercial center of the city or 15 minutes from th historical area. Across the street you can see the park and Tabacariei Lake, an ideal place for walking....

Zodiac Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Near Tabacariei Park, few minutes wlking from the beach

Zodiac Hotel (4 stars) from Constanta opened in 2009 is located in Tabacariei Park area. The hotel is located at 5 minutes walk from th Holiday Village, aproximately 15 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the largest commercial center of the city. The acces to the hotel can be made from the Alexandru Lapusneanu boulevard, and the rooms are facing the street but also facing the park....

Nevada Hotel Constanta
Phone: 0241/488206
Location: In Constanta, univer

Nevada Hotel 4 stars is built near Mamaia Resort in the Ovidius Univeristary Campus area, few minutes driving from the beach. Therefore, Nevada Hotel is recommended to all persons who desire to spend their holidays far from the crowded areas which can be found near the accommodation units located closer to the beach, but also a good choice for business trips and meetings. The Nevada...

Carol Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Downtown

Carol Hotel (4 stars) is located downtown, near the main touristic and historic attractions of Constanta: The Art Museum, The Aquarium and Tomis Touristic Harbor. The hotel was designed in 1913 by architect Anghel Saligny’s team and owned by a weel known lawyer at that time.

GMG Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Central part of the city

GMG Hotel (4 stars) is located on one of the main avenue of Constanta, Mamaia boulevard which connect the city to Mamaia Resort. Located at only 200 meters form The Dolphinarium, at 250 meters from the beach and 800 meters from Mamaia resort. GMG Hotel is dedicated to those who need to enjoy a relaxing holiday at the seaside but also for those on business trips, located at only 15 minutes...

Royal Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Constanta

Royal Hotel (4 stars) is located on one of the biggest boulevards of Constanta, Mamaia Boulevard, which starts downtown and passes over Mamaia Resort. Thereby the Royal Hotel has a very privileged position, 10 minutes driving from the commercial center and 5 minutes from Mamaia Resort. Also the hotel is located at 1 km from The Dolphinarium. The Royal Hotel is a new hotel, modern...

Ten Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Downtown

Ten Hotel (4 stars) is located downtown,on the harbor shore and a 5 minutes walk from Modern Beach. From the hotel the historical area and Tomis Harbor or Ovidiu Square can be easily accessed. Ten Hotel is a new building, opened in 2008. The hotel is part of The Colonadelor Complex, along with Colonadelor Restaurant, some terraces and one sweetshop. Arranged with style, the hotel...

Casa Domneasca Hotel Constanta

Phone: 0241/488206
Location: Downtown, 500 meters from Modern Beach

Casa Domneasca Hotel 4 stars is located downtown, near Fantasio Theatre and The City Hall at 10 minutes walking from Modern beach or the historical area of the city. Sheltered by heritage building , built in 1905 and beautifully restored by the new owners. Currently, the building is listed as historical monuments of architecture. Casa Domneasca Hotel is endowed with 6 double rooms and 1...

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