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Book your holiday today
in installments on the Romanian coast!

On, we always prepare the best offers for you, so that you can enjoy the hot days of summer with a holiday in installments on the seaside.

Choose a holiday in installments at sea today, and benefit from paying your reservation in up to 6 interest-free installments . Fun or maximum relaxation on the seaside, minimum prices!
Regardless of which of the following banks you are a customer of, you have an option to pay for the vacation you want at the seaside in a more accessible way.

up to 6 installments via StarCard

up to 8 installments through a variety of cards

up to 5 installments via Card Advantage

up to 6 installments with Bonus Card

How do I pay with the card in interest-free installments?

The steps required to buy a holiday in installments on the seaside are simple and fast .


When making the reservation, mention to your travel consultant that you want to pay in installments and you will receive a special payment link, secured by our partners (,, Mobil Pay).


Enter your data on the payment card in installments.


Choose the available installment schedule (as well as their number) depending on your card.


After completing the payment, we will send you the documents issued by us, as established in the contract with the tourist.

Don't have an interest-free installment card yet?

In order to benefit from the option of paying for a holiday in installments on, you must have a credit card (also called a shopping card) from one of our banking partners.

We have prepared below some information about the options you have.

Using credit cards from Banca Transilvania, through the StarCARD program, you benefit from 6 interest-free installments for any reservation made on

Credit cards are included in the program:

  • STAR Forte: MasterCard Forte, MasterCard Forte for Doctors
  • STAR Platinum: Visa Platinum

You can get more information about StarCARD credit cards at the following numbers:

  • 0801 01 0128 (BT) – callable from the ROMTELECOM network
  • 0264 30 8028 (BT) – callable from any network, including international
  • *8028 (BT) – callable from Vodafone and Orange networks

With CardAvantaj from Credit Europe Bank you can pay for your reservation made on in up to 5 interest-free installments !

Paying with your shopping card is simple and fast. The payment system is secured to the highest standards, including 3D Secure If you need assistance for CardAvantaj, call Credit Europe Bank with confidence. Services are available 24 hours a day.

  • 0801 000 000 (dialable number from the Romtelecom fixed network)
  • 0750 000 000

Do you want a holiday in installments at sea, but you don't have a credit card yet? With the shopping cards issued by Alpha Bank, you can book a stay on with up to 8 interest-free installments .

The credit card is a comfortable, convenient, flexible payment method and permanently ensures your freedom to buy the tourist packages you want. Whenever you want to pay in installments for a seaside vacation, you have the option to pay within the chosen credit line.

Payments are processed by Alpha Bank through the EuPlatesc platform, which is also secured with 3D Secure.
For more details, contact Alpha Bank credit operators:

  • 0801 000 000 (dialable number from the Romtelecom fixed network)
  • 0750 000 000

With the credit card issued by Garanti Bank you can pay for your stay on with up to 6 interest-free installments . Payments are processed through the platform. The payment system is secured to the highest standards, including 3D Secure.
For any details regarding the Bonus Card, you can call Alo Garanti: 0800 801234 (free call from any fixed telephone network) or 021 200 9494 (number with normal tariff).

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in 6 free interest rates

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8.6 from 10 points

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