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Neptun-Olimp 2021

Description of the resort Neptun-Olimp

NEPTUN AND OLIMP RESORTS are situated about 38 km from Constanta city and about 8 km from Mangalia city which they belong to in terms of administration. To the North of Neptun – Olimp resort you  can find Costinesti resort, at to the South there is Jupiter resort. Due to the fact that the two resorts find themselves one in extension to the other, they were integrated in one single resort which people call Neptun – Olimp. Situated in a very beautiful landscape, boarded by Comorova forest to the West and Lake Neptun to the East, Neptun – Olimp resort hasn’t lost his charm and elegance, Neptun- Olimp is an aired resort and very well configured, being crossed by a m

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  Last Minute Neptun-Olimp

Last Minute gather all offers reduced rate packages which will be held in the near future. This section is a dynamic and offers presented here will be exhausted quickly. Follow Offer Last Minute to enjoy the best deals at the last...

  Seaside for everybody Neptun-Olimp

Seaside for Everybody is a program designed for tourists who want to spend their holidays off season when the resorts and the beach are not so crowded, yet warmed by the sun, and requires significant room ratesdiscounts for 6 nights stays....

  Special Offer Neptun-Olimp

The special offers include great hotels deals launched for the idea of ??increasing sales for the entire season or just for certain periods of the season, offers that can not be added to the already established programs like - Free Days,...

  Free Days Neptun-Olimp

Free Days Offer translates into providing a free day of accommodation by a hotel at a number of paid days. The program is very popular between 2 and 3 star hotels on the romanian riviera, and sometimes even 4 stars hotels participate. The...

  Weekend Offer Neptun-Olimp

Thee Weekend Offer refers to 2 or 3 nights weekend stays for a discounted price. Sometimes, two paid nights and the third is free of charge or half rated. All this offers are published depending on the occupancy of the hotel, and often run...

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Telegondola Mamaia

Telegondola Mamaia

It was opened on July, the 16th, 2004 and from that moment it became a symbol of Mamaia resort. Thanks to this modern installation, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sensations a journey...

The Obelisk

The Obelisk

The Obelisk is the symbol of Costineti resort and  was built in 1970 on the beach who later took the name. Over the time, the obelisk has become the meeting point for young people...

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum of Constanta is the largest institution of its kind in Romania and contains precious testimony of evolution of romaniain military and civil navy. Located...

The Stud Farm

The Stud Farm

The Stud Farm of Mangalia is positioned approximately 3 km north of Mangalia and about 500 meters from the Black Sea. Established in 1926,  the sutd farm of Mangalia Stud is the...

The Buried Church of Istria

The Buried Church of Istria

  Istria is a village located about 55 kilometers north of Constanta. The access to the village can be made through municipal road that emerges from the E87 highway, linking...

The Casino

The Casino

Always present in the tourists seaside photos and the postcards, Constanta's Casino is arguably the city emblem. An imposing building that exudes the air since his glory days,...

The Natural Microreserve

The Natural Microreserve

The Microreserve of the Natural Science Museum Complex is a unique place in Constanta. Inaugurated in 1985, the microreserve covers an area of approximately 6 ha of which 2 ha of...

The Byzantine Edifice

The Byzantine Edifice

The Biyzantine Edifice from Mangalia is a historical monument dating back to the fifth and sixth centuries BC. Historic artifacts were discovered between 1993-1995 on the...

The Touristic Harbor Mangalia

The Touristic Harbor Mangalia

The Touristic Harbor of Mangalia is the modern romanian harbor  for small vessels whish sales along the Black Sea coast. The harbor was arranged during 2006-2008 with European...

The Callatis Archeological Museum

The Callatis Archeological Museum

The CALLATIS Archaeological Museum from Mangalia is an institution dedicated to showcasing and preserving historic remains of the old Callatis stronghold. The museum was inaugurated...

The Genoese Lightshouse

The Genoese Lightshouse

The Genovese Lighthouse is a monument that can be easily unnoticed, but the beauty and importance to the history of Constanta are undeniable. The Genovese Lighthouse is located on the...

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

The Sculpture Museum Ion Jalea is located in the historical area of the city, at the end Elizabeth Avenue, a few steps from St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. The Institute is housed in...

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Hotel Sulina

Sulina Hotel 4 stars Mamaia was completely renovated in spring 2016 and, on this occasion, reclassified to 4 stars. Currently offers...

Hotel Zenith

Zenith Hotel Mamaia - 4 stars , is located in the northern area of the resort, close to the beach and Palas, Pelican and Dorna...

Vila Casa Timerar

Casa Timerar 3 stele Venus este o locatie inaugurata in anul 2013. Vila este situata la doar 2 minute de mers pe jos de plaja, fiind o...

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Useful information Neptun-Olimp

Useful information Neptun-Olimp

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Post offices:
Post Office Neptun-Olimp - Str. Trandafirilor tel: 0241.731.031

Safety of the citizen :
Police Neptun-Olimp - Str. Plopilor nr. 1 - tel: 0241.731.549