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Transport intern pe litoral Inland transport on the coast

If you are traveling without a car in Constanta you should have no worries! The public transport service inside the city is very well organized. The Constanta train station is the end of the line for most of the public transport routes, but also a transit point for the means of transport starting from other areas of the city. The neighborhoods of the city ...

Informatii suplimentare despre rutele de transport catre litoral Informatii suplimentare despre rutele de transport catre litoral

Constanta and the resorts on the Romanian Black Sea coast are connected to the rest of the country through a modern infrastructure. Depending on the area from which you want to move to the coast, you have several routes that will take you to your desired destination. In the following lines we will present the most popular routes that bring hundreds of thousands of tourists on the coast every year ...

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