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Description of the resort Mamaia

MAMAIA  is the largest and best known resort on Romanian Riviera. Located in the northern part of the seaside, Mamaia has a privileged position. The resort is attached to Constanta city and separates Lake Siutghiol of the Black Sea. The preferred destination of tourists during summer, Mamaia has been the subject of an ample process of modernization, gaining a beautiful western air. The palm trees, spectacular fountains, fashionable events and sensational shows, restaurants and luxurious clubs, quite terraces, promenade areas, Water Park, telegondola and entertainment centers, all these facilities make Mamaia a resort of fine taste, entertainment and relaxation. HISTORY The story of

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Hotel Victoria

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel 3 stars is located in the...

Hotel Amelie 3

Amelie 3 Hotel

Amelie 3 suite is located on the fourth floor...

Hotel Astoria

Astoria Hotel

Astoria Hotel (3 stars) is situated in the center...

Hotel Central

Central Hotel

Central Hotel Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Flora

Flora Hotel

Flora Mamaia Hotel ( 3 stars) is located in the...

Hotel Amelie 5

Amelie 5 Hotel

Apartament Amelie 5 este situat in centrul...

Hotel Pirates Resort (fost Hotel Bicaz)

Pirates Resort Hotel

Pirates Resort Mamaia Hotel (3 stars) has as its...

Hotel Venus

Venus Hotel

Venus Mamaia Hotel ( 3 stars)  can be found...

Hotel Tomis

Tomis Hotel

Tomis Hotel Mamaia is located in the central...

Hotel Amelie 1

Amelie 1 Hotel

Amelie 1 Suite is located on 1st floor of a...

Hotel Delta

Delta Hotel

Delta Mamaia Hotel (3 stars)  is located in...

Hotel Riviera

Riviera Hotel

Riviera  Hotel 3 stars is located in...

Hotel Amelie 6

Amelie 6 Hotel

Apartament Amelie 6 este situat in centrul...

Hotel Complex Mediteranean

Mediteranean Hotel

Mediteranean Hotel 3 stars Mamaia is located...

Hotel Majestic

Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel Mamaia (3 stars) is located...

Hotel Amelie 4

Amelie 4 Hotel

Apartament Amelie 4 Mamaia este situat in...

Hotel Dorna

Dorna Hotel

Dorna Mamaia Hotel (3 stars) is located right in...

Hotel Orfeu

Orfeu Hotel

Orfeu Mamaia Hotel (3 stars) is located in the...

Hotel Amelie 2

Amelie 2 Hotel

Amelie 2 Suite is located on 1st floor of a...

Hotel Piccadilly

Piccadilly Hotel

Piccadilly Mamaia Hotel ( 3 stars)  is...

Hotel Doina

Doina Hotel

Doina Hotel 2 stele Mamaia is located on the...

Hotel Lido

Lido Hotel

Lido Mamaia Hotel (3 stars) is located in the...

Hotel Romantic

Romantic Hotel

Romantic Hotel (3 stars) was built in 2010 summer...

Hotel Siret

Siret Hotel

Siret Mamaia Hotel is located in the northern...

Hotel Grand Hotel Astoria (fost hotel Patria)

Grand Hotel Astoria Hotel

Grand Hotel Astoria Hotel 3 stars (Former Hotel...

Accommodation Special Offers Mamaia 2020

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  Early Booking 2021 Mamaia

The Seaside Early Booking Offer assures substantial discounts of the accommodation rates to anyone who books his summer holiday and pays it earlier. Therefore you can enjoy up to 40% discount od the choosen touristic package. The...

  Seaside for everybody Mamaia

Seaside for Everybody is a program designed for tourists who want to spend their holidays off season when the resorts and the beach are not so crowded, yet warmed by the sun, and requires significant room ratesdiscounts for 6 nights stays....

  Free Days Mamaia

Free Days Offer translates into providing a free day of accommodation by a hotel at a number of paid days. The program is very popular between 2 and 3 star hotels on the romanian riviera, and sometimes even 4 stars hotels participate. The...

  Special Offer Mamaia

The special offers include great hotels deals launched for the idea of ??increasing sales for the entire season or just for certain periods of the season, offers that can not be added to the already established programs like - Free Days,...

News from Mamaia

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Am lansat prima asigurare storno cu acoperire COVID-19 pentru vacante pe litoral Pentru ca suntem “prietenii tai de la mare” de peste 15 ani si mereu am cautat cele mai...

Campania 'Litoralul romanesc te rasplateste' - LISTA CASTIGATORILOR

Campania Litoralul romanesc te rasplateste!- editia a 2-a si-a desemnat castigatorii! Campania a fost initiata de agentia noastra de turism in colaborare cu 58 de hoteluri din toate...


Un nou an, un nou sezon, un nou concurs! Campania "Litoralul romanesc te rasplateste" initiata de agentia noastra de turism continua si in anul 2015 cu a 2-a editie. Sunt...


PROPUNERE DE VACANTA - Vacante de vara mai altfel in locatii de lux din Delta Dunarii! Iti propunem pentru vara viitoare combinarea sejurului de la mare cu cateva zile in inima...


Intrucat agentia noastra doreste sa promoveze cat mai multe destinatii de vacanta romanesti, am lansat de curand primele oferte de cazare pentru tinutul de vis Delta Dunarii - locul...


Agentia noastra a lansat primele oferte pentru 1 MAI. Tarifele incep in Mamaia de la 103 lei/camera dubla/noapte. Ca sa va faceti o idee, cateva oferte le regasiti mai jos, iar lista...


Prinde ultimul val de INSCRIERI TIMPURII cu reduceri de pana la 33% si plata pana la 31 martie! Peste 180 de hoteluri participante, din toate statiunile de pe litoral. Agentii...

Campania Litoralul Romanesc te rasplateste a ajuns la final

Campania Litoralul romanesc te rasplateste! initiata de agentia noastra de turism in colaborare cu 58 de hoteluri din toate statiunile estivale a luat sfarsit.   Ne-am...

Oferte speciale de Rusalii

Anul acesta, de Rusalii (6-9 iunie), s-a anuntat vreme frumoasa! Deci este numai bine sa vii la mare, sa te bucuri de soare, de nisipul cald, de briza sarata... Agentia ta de turism...

Litoralul pentru toti 2014

Zilele acestea s-a lansat oficial programul turistic „Litoralul pentru Toti”. Asa cum deja v-a obisnuit, agentia noastra de turism - Creative Litoral – -...

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Sights and attractions Mamaia

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The Pontoon

The Pontoon

The Pontoon Mamaia is a tourist attraction opened in early 2013 summer season. The construction starts on the beach, next to Victoria hotel, great finishes in a distance of about...

Ovid Island

Ovid Island

The Ovid Island on Siutghiol Lake is one of the places that exerts true attraction to the tourists who arrive in Mamaia resort. Along the centuries, the small piece of land has...

Telegondola Mamaia

Telegondola Mamaia

It was opened on July, the 16th, 2004 and from that moment it became a symbol of Mamaia resort. Thanks to this modern installation, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sensations a journey...

Aqua Magic Mamaia

Aqua Magic Mamaia

The water park AQUA MAGIC is placed at the southern entrance of Mamaia resort, close to Telegondola station. The access in the water park is not made via the main boulevard of the...

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a popular place among tourists who spend their holiday in Mamaia resort. Situated in the South of the resort, between Lakes Tabacariei and Siutghiol, this place...

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Hotel Vega

Vega Mamaia Hotel 5 stars is located on the cliff in the north of the resort, its direct exit is to the beach.Opened in 2008 summer, Vega...

Hotel Vega

Vega Mamaia Hotel 5 stars is located on the cliff in the north of the resort, its direct exit is to the beach.Opened in 2008 summer, Vega...

Hotel Vega

Vega Mamaia Hotel 5 stars is located on the cliff in the north of the resort, its direct exit is to the beach.Opened in 2008 summer, Vega...

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This is the page dedicated to the resort Mamaia. To find an accommodation offer in Mamaia go to the section Hotels Mamaia. For assistance, additional information and reservations you can contact us by phone at: 0241 999 or you can consult our Client Support Team.

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Useful information Mamaia

Useful information Mamaia

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Post offices:
Post Office nr. 1 - In Complex Nord - tel: 0241.831.810
Post Office nr. 2 - In Complex Perla - tel: 0241.831.124

Safety of the citizen :
Police Mamaia tel: 0241.831.221

Public transport Mamaia :
RATC public transport: 0241.618.581