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Hotel Amelie 5

Amelie 5 Hotel

Amelie 5 Apartment is located in the center of...

Hotel Sara Boutique

Sara Boutique Hotel

Sara Boutique Hotel 3*** Mamaia is one of...

Hotel Amelie 6

Amelie 6 Hotel

Amelie 6 Apartment is located in the center of...

Hotel Complex Mediteranean

Mediteranean Hotel

Mediteranean Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located on...

Hotel Amelie 1

Amelie 1 Hotel

Amelie 1 Apartment is situated on 1st floor...

Hotel Victoria

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel Mamaia 3*** is located in the...

Hotel Pirates Resort (fost Hotel Bicaz)

Pirates Resort Hotel

Pirates Resort Hotel 3*** Mamaia (formerly...

Hotel Tomis

Tomis Hotel

Tomis Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Astoria

Astoria Hotel

Astoria Hotel Mamaia 3*** is situated in the...

Hotel Amelie 3

Amelie 3 Hotel

Amelie 3 Apartment is located on the fourth floor...

Hotel Venus

Venus Hotel

Venus Hotel Mamaia 3*** is located in the...

Hotel Amelie 4

Amelie 4 Hotel

Amelie 4 Apartment Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Flora

Flora Hotel

Flora Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in...

Hotel Majestic

Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel Mamaia 3*** is located in the...

Hotel Piccadilly

Piccadilly Hotel

Piccadilly Mamaia Hotel 3*** is located on...

Hotel Delta

Delta Hotel

Delta Hotel Mamaia 3*** is located in the...

Hotel Lido

Lido Hotel

Lido Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in...

Hotel Riviera

Riviera Hotel

Riviera Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in...

Hotel Orfeu

Orfeu Hotel

Orfeu Hotel 3*** Mamaia  is located in the...

Hotel Dunarea

Dunarea Hotel

The Dunarea Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in...

Hotel Grand Hotel Astoria (fost hotel Patria)

Grand Hotel Astoria Hotel

Grand Hotel Astoria Hotel 3*** (Former Hotel...

Hotel Voila

Voila Mamaia Hotel

Voila Hotel 3*** is the northernmost hotel...

Hotel Delfin

Delfin Hotel

Delfin Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Central

Central Hotel

Central Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Ovidiu

Ovidiu Hotel

Ovidiu Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in the...

Hotel Hefaistos

Hefaistos Hotel

Hefaistos Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in...

Hotel Siret

Siret Hotel

Siret Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located in the north...

Hotel Doina

Doina Hotel

Doina Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located on...

Hotel Recif Unirea

Recif Unirea Hotel

Recif Unirea Hotel 3*** Mamaia was...

Hotel Florida

Florida Hotel

Florida Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located...

Hotel Briza Boutique

Briza Boutique Hotel

Briza Boutique hotel 3*** Mamaia is...

Hotel Prestige

Prestige Hotel

Prestige Hotel Mamaia 3*** is built right on...

Hotel Romantic

Romantic Hotel

Romantic Hotel 3*** Mamaia was built in the...

Hotel Alma

Alma Hotel

Alma Hotel 3*** Mamaia was launched in 2013...

Hotel Amelie 2

Amelie 2 Hotel

Amelie 2 Apartment is located on 1st floor...

Hotel Bueno

Bueno Hotel

Bueno Hotel 3*** Mamaia is located very...

Hotel Paloma Coral

Paloma Coral Hotel

Paloma Coral Complex 3*** Mamaia  is located...

Hotel Ten Victory

Ten Victory Hotel

Ten Victory Hotel 3*** Mamaia (ex Ten Hotel) is...

Hotel Elegance

Elegance Hotel

Elegance Hotel Mamaia 3*** is located just...

Hotel Milano Blue

Milano Blue Hotel

Hotel Milano Blue 3*** Mamaia is a new hotel,...

Hotel Mihaela

Mihaela Hotel

Mihaela Hotel 3*** Mamaia is a new hotel,...

Hotel Queen Vera

Queen Vera Hotel

Queen Vera Hotel Mamaia 3*** (ex Palm Beach...

Hotel Jijos (fost Hotel Selena)

Jijos (fost Hotel Selena) Hotel

JiJo's Hotel 3*** Mamaia (ex Selena...

Hotel Tomis Garden Aparthotel

Tomis Garden Aparthotel Hotel

Aparthotel Tomis Garden 3*** Mamaia is...

Hotel Riviera Residence

Riviera Residence Hotel

Riviera Residence 3*** Mamaia offers...

Hotel Albatros

Albatros Hotel

Albatros Hotel (3 stars) is located close to...

Hotel Apollo

Apollo Hotel

Apollo Hotel 3 stars is located in the...

Hotel Marie

Marie Hotel

Marie Hotel 3 stars from Mamaia is was fully...

Hotel Agapi

Agapi Hotel

Agapi Hotel 3 stars is a new building, openned in...

Hotel Blue Beach

Blue Beach Hotel

Blue Beach Apartments Complex (3 stars) is...

Mamaia 2024

Description of the resort Mamaia

The story of Mamaia resort Begins in 1905, when the construction of the first tourist sites on the coast begins on the strip of land between the sea and Lake Siutghiol. The resort was inaugurated a year later, on August 28, 1906. The small resort, popularly called "sea baths", soon became an oasis of peace and relaxation of the elites of the time, but also of the royal family, being visited by a record number of tourists. In order to facilitate the access to the resort, the authorities of the time are building a railway that connects Mamaia and the train station from Constanta, on today's route of Mamaia boulevard. The resort knows an accelerated "flowering" in the

 Description Mamaia

Accommodation Special Offers Mamaia 2024

Seaside special offers - See the best deals on seaside

  Seaside for everybody Mamaia

Seaside for Everybody is a program designed for tourists who want to spend their holidays at the sea side off season, when the resorts and the beach are not so crowded, yet warmed by the sun, and requires significant room...

  Free Vacation Days Mamaia

Free Vacation Days Offer implies providing a free day of accommodation by the hotel for a number of paid days. The program is very popular between 2 and 3 star hotels on the Romanian riviera, and sometimes even 4 stars...

  Late Summer Mamaia

The Late Summer offer is launched by our travel agency to boost sales related to the end of the season, September and October. The Late Summer offer means discounts applied for vacations during these two months, discounts that can be...

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We have appointed 106 winners of the Romanian Coast raffle!

Tombola Litoralul Romanesc te rasplateste: am desemnat 106 castigatori ai campaniei Campania premiaza si anul acesta fidelitatea turistilor care si-au petrecut...



Am desemnat 199 de castigatori la Tombola Litoralul Romanesc te rasplateste! premiaza fidelitatea turistilor care aleg ca destinatie de vacanta statiunile de la Marea Neagra. Asa ca la finalul sezonului 2021, toti cei care...

Pictures Mamaia

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Sights and attractions Mamaia

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The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a popular place among tourists who spend their holiday in Mamaia resort. Situated in the South of the resort, between Lakes Tabacariei and Siutghiol, this place...

Aqua Magic Mamaia

Aqua Magic Mamaia

The water park AQUA MAGIC is placed at the southern entrance of Mamaia resort, close to Telegondola station. The access in the water park is not made via the main boulevard of the resort,...

Ovid Island

Ovid Island

The Ovid Island on Siutghiol Lake is one of the places that exerts true attraction to the tourists who arrive in Mamaia resort. Along the centuries, the small piece of land has...

The Pontoon

The Pontoon

The Pontoon Mamaia is a tourist attraction opened in early 2013 summer season. The construction starts on the beach, next to Victoria hotel, great finishes in a distance of about...

Telegondola Mamaia

Telegondola Mamaia

It was opened on July, the 16th, 2004 and from that moment it became a symbol of Mamaia resort. Thanks to this modern installation, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sensations a journey...

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Accommodation page Mamaia

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This is the page dedicated to the resort Mamaia. To find an accommodation offer in Mamaia go to the section Hotels Mamaia. For assistance, additional information and reservations you can contact us by phone at: 0241 999 or you can consult our Client Support Team.

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Useful information Mamaia

Useful information Mamaia

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Post offices:
Post Office nr. 1 - In Complex Nord - tel: 0241.831.810
Post Office nr. 2 - In Complex Perla - tel: 0241.831.124

Safety of the citizen :
Police Mamaia tel: 0241.831.221

Public transport Mamaia :
RATC public transport: 0241.618.581