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Vox Maris
Vox Maris Hotel Costinesti
Stefania Hotel Costinesti
Pierre Hotel Costinesti
Intim Hotel Costinesti
Impact G
Impact G Hotel Costinesti
Forum Hotel Costinesti
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4 hotels accomodation

  • Vox Maris Hotel Costinesti
    Vox Maris Hotel
    Vox Maris Hotel Complex ( 4 stars) is one of the most appreciated hotels on Romanian seaside due to its position in the center of the resort and the short distance to...

3 hotels accomodation

  • Forum Hotel Costinesti
    Forum Hotel
    Forum Hotel (2 stars) is located on the cliff of the resort, in the ‘select” area of Costinesti, in the vicinity of Vox Maris Club, Amiral Villas and Azur...
  • Impact G Hotel Costinesti
    Impact G Hotel
    Impact G Hotel (3 stars) is a new building, finalized in 2007, which is located in the central part of the resort at about 400 m to the beach, near the lake.
  • Intim Hotel Costinesti
    Intim Hotel
    Intim Hotel ( 3 stars) benefits of a good position, being built 30 m to the beach, across the “Wreck”. It is a new hotel which opened in 2007. The hotel has...

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  • Iunona Hotel Costinesti
    Iunona Hotel
    Iunona Hotel (3 stars) is located in the north of the resort, 100 m to the beach, 200 m to the main railway station. Besides the accommodation spaces, the hotel also...
  • Pierre Hotel Costinesti
    Pierre Hotel
    Pierre Hostel ( 3 stars) is a new hotel, opened in 2004 and is located 20 m to the beach from the “Wreck” area. The position on the shore of the sea offers...
  • Royal Hotel Costinesti
    Royal Hotel
    Royal Hotel ( 3 stars) is a new hotel, which opened in 2009. Situated at short distance to the beach, in the area of the French Bay, it benefits of sea view from most...
  • Stefania Hotel Costinesti
    Stefania Hotel
    Stefania Hotel ( 3 stars) is located in the central area of the resort, at 200 m to the beach and 100 m to the railway station. The hotel has 200 seats for accommodation...
  • Tiberius Hotel Costinesti
    Tiberius Hotel
    Tiberius Hotel (2 stars) is located in the northern part of the resort, near the old railway station, about 50 m to the beach. It represents the ideal location for...
  • Vraja Marii Hotel Costinesti
    Vraja Marii Hotel
    Hotel Vraja Marii 3 stele Costinesti este pozitionat in dreptul digului din Costinesti, in zona centrala, pe faleza statiunii, la doar 30 de metri de plaja. Principalele...

2 hotels accomodation

  • Amiral Hotel Costinesti
    Amiral Hotel
    Amiral Hotel (2 stars) is located short distance to the beach, about 300 m, close to the Post Office. The hotel offers the tourists 58 rooms, divided in double, triple...
  • Atena Hotel Costinesti
    Atena Hotel
    Atena Hotel (2 stars) is located about 150 m to the old railway station, 200 m to the beach and Evanghelia Wreck. It is a recently built hotel, in 2009, which offers...
  • Corsa Hotel Costinesti
    Corsa Hotel
    Corsa Complex (2 stars) is located in the central area of Costinesti resort, at aproximately 100 meters from the beach and it is surounded by the most famous...

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  • Cris Hotel Costinesti
    Cris Hotel
    Cris Hotel (2 stars) is located on the shore of Costinesti Lake, 200 m to the sea, Since it has a good position, it benefits of a special panorama. Thus, you can...
  • Meridian Hotel Costinesti
    Meridian Hotel
    Meridian Hotel ( 2 stars) is a new hotel, located in a quiet area, about 900 m to the beach. Meridian hotel offers accommodation in double rooms and modernly designed...
  • Regal Hotel Costinesti
    Regal Hotel
    Regal Hotel ( 2 stars) is located 50 m to the sea, near the Summer Theater from Costinesti and it is opened all year round. The hotel is new and offers its guests...

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Costinesti useful information

Costinesti useful information

Useful Info Costinesti 
Emergency Health Services: Emergency Services - 112 

Post Offices: 
Post Office Costinesti - 4 Tineretului str. - tel: 0040 0241.734.051 

Citizen Safety: 
Politia Costinesti - 1 Tineretului str. -Tel: 0040 0241.734.017 

Consumer Protection Office: 
District Consumer Office, 12bis Poporului str,Constanta, Tel. 0040 0241.550.550, Fax 0040 0241.631.528 
Audiences schedule: Monday between 08:00- 10:00 

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