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Costinesti 2021

Description of the resort Costinesti

COSTINESTI RESORT is situated on the extension of Costinesti village, at about 30 km from Constanta city, between Tuzla town and Olimp resort (south). Famous as being the resort of youth, Costinesti welcomes its guests in a cheerful and very animated atmosphere. The beach of the resort is surveyed by the two symbols of the resort: the Obelisk and Evanghelia ship wreck, beached here since 1960. The resort extended a lot in the last few years, broading considerably the accommodation capacity. HISTORY The area where Costinesti resort is situated is full of history, the first evidence of habitation dating back to Iron Age. The actual history of Costinesti placement starts  back at the e

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  1st of May Costinesti

1st of May on the seaside is already a tradition, and whether you want entertainment, whether you need rest, on the 1st of May you must be at the seaside! A well deserved vacation for a few days when you will be disconnected from the...

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The Art Museum

The Art Museum

Located in downtown, at the intersection of Tomis and Ferdinand avenues, the Art Museum is an institution that impresses with the artistic values that it holds. Known as the second...

The Buried Church of Istria

The Buried Church of Istria

  Istria is a village located about 55 kilometers north of Constanta. The access to the village can be made through municipal road that emerges from the E87 highway, linking...

The Roman Mosaic Edifice

The Roman Mosaic Edifice

The Roman Mosaic Edifice is located near the Museum of National History and Archaeology and was discovered in 1959 during some civil works undertaken in the Ovidiu Square. Further...

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

The Sculpture Museum Ion Jalea is located in the historical area of the city, at the end Elizabeth Avenue, a few steps from St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. The Institute is housed in...

The Stud Farm

The Stud Farm

The Stud Farm of Mangalia is positioned approximately 3 km north of Mangalia and about 500 meters from the Black Sea. Established in 1926,  the sutd farm of Mangalia Stud is...

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum of Constanta is the largest institution of its kind in Romania and contains precious testimony of evolution of romaniain military and civil navy. Located...

St Mina Church

St Mina Church

St Mina Church is a great location, being an a oasis of peace of Constanta. The church is located in Tabacariei Park, on the lakeshore  with the same name, away from city noise....

The Archeological Park

The Archeological Park

The Archaeological Park is an area with rich vegetation where the ancient Tomis spirit is still present. The park covers an area generally between Constantas City Hall and Ferdinand...

Aqua Magic Mamaia

Aqua Magic Mamaia

The water park AQUA MAGIC is placed at the southern entrance of Mamaia resort, close to Telegondola station. The access in the water park is not made via the main boulevard of the...

The Marine Museum Mangalia

The Marine Museum Mangalia

The Marine Museum of Mangalia was built in 2004 in one of the buildings of the disused barracks. The Institute is conceived as a museum dedicated to naval technology and highlights...


The "Evangehlia'' Shipwreck

The Evanghelia Shipwreck is located in Costinesti coast and can be seen easily from the beach. Though many tourists know about the wreck of the sea, very few of them know its story....

The Obelisk

The Obelisk

The Obelisk is the symbol of Costineti resort and  was built in 1970 on the beach who later took the name. Over the time, the obelisk has become the meeting point for young people...

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Hotel Phoenicia Holiday Resort

Phoenicia Holiday Resort Complex is located in Northern Mamaia area, at aproximately 150 meters from the beach and covers a total...

Hotel Amiral

Amiral Hotel (4 stars) is located in the northern area of the resort, several meters from the beach. Along with Comandor and Orfeu hotels,...

Hotel Zenith

Zenith Hotel Mamaia - 4 stars , is located in the northern area of the resort, close to the beach and Palas, Pelican and Dorna...

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This is the page dedicated to the resort Costinesti. To find an accommodation offer in Costinesti go to the section Hotels Costinesti. For assistance, additional information and reservations you can contact us by phone at: 0241 999 or you can consult our Client Support Team.

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Useful information Costinesti

Useful information Costinesti

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Post offices:
Post Office Costinesti - Str. Tineretului nr. 4(Centru) - tel: 0241.734.051

Safety of the citizen :
Police Costinesti - Str. Tineretului nr. 1 - tel:0241.734.017