We accept holiday vouchers at over 300 hotels, villas and pensions present on the Romanian Litoralul.ro site

Seaside hotels where you can pay with holiday vouchers

Frequent questions:

Step 1: Once you have received vouchers from the employer, you can choose the accommodation unit from the website LitoralulRomanesc.ro where you want to go on vacation.
Step 2: After choosing the accommodation unit you can send us the reservation form present on each one of our website pages or you can contact us by phone at 0241 837777. After finishing the reservation you need to send us the vouchers to pay it.
Step 3: The sending of holiday vouchers can be done using the following services:
a. Fast courier (eg Fan Courier, Urgent Cargus, TNT, DPD, Nemo Express, etc.) to the address
CREATIVE EYE S.R.L. - Romanesc.ro Litoralul Agency
Mamaia Boulevard 281C, Constanta Postal Code 900552
Nr. Telefon 0241 837777

To check the status of your envelope submission, you must check the AWB number provided by the courier on the website of each individual company.
b. Prioripost by mail with the inventory note at
CREATIVE EYE S.R.L. - Romanesc.ro Litoralul Agency
Mamaia Boulevard 281C, Constanta Postal Code 900552

For the safety of sending holiday vouchers, please provide the transmission of these values. After receiving the tickets we will send you the tax invoice for the amount paid with vouchers holidays. If the amount of the holiday vouchers fully covers the reservation amount, you will also receive the voucher, the document to be presented at the hotel reception. We will send it to your address e-mail.
No, it is forbidden for the package paid by the voucher to be more expensive than the one paid by other means.
If the value of the holiday vouchers is lower than the value of the reservation then the difference will be paid by one of the following ways:
- cash deposit at any branch of Transilvania Bank or Unicredit
- cash payment via Pay Point
- by bank transfer in the accounts noted in the proforma invoice
- online with debit or credit card
- online with the card in installments from the following banks: Banca Transilvania, Credit Europe Bank, BCR, Alpha Bank, BRD, Guarantee Bank. More information for installments can be found here: https://www.litoralulromanesc.ro/vacanta_in_rate.htm
If the value of the reservation is greater than the value of the holiday vouchers then you must send vouchers of a value close to the reservation value. The rest cannot be refunded for holiday vouchers.
The vouchers have a validity period of one year from the date of issue. This term is valid for all types of holiday vouchers, card or paper vouchers. The expiration date is present on holiday vouchers.
If the vouchers expire in the next period, the maximum period you can use is the month inscribed on them. You must know that the expiration month is not equivalent to the period where you can use the service purchased with them. Ex: If you have vacation vouchers that expire in March 2019, these can be transmitted to those from whom you buy the service even if the service will be available in September 2019.
With holiday vouchers can be purchased tourist packages in Romania, as long as they are packages must contain accommodation services.

What if I want to cancel the reservation?
In case of cancellation of a reservation paid with holiday vouchers, please consult the terms present in the contract with the tourist. Once used, these vouchers cannot be returned as well their value cannot be claimed, according to the legislation in force.

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