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Bulevard Hotel Constanta
Ten Hotel Constanta
Class Hotel Constanta
Megalos Hotel Constanta
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  • Bulevard Hotel Constanta
    Bulevard Hotel
    Bulevard Hotel (4 stars) is located on Mamaia boulevard, The Dolphinarium area, 2-3 minutes from the Mamaia rsort entrance. The hotel has a very privileged location,...
  • Carol Hotel Constanta
    Carol Hotel
    Carol Hotel (4 stars) is located downtown, near the main touristic and historic attractions of Constanta: The Art Museum, The Aquarium and Tomis Touristic Harbor. The...
  • Casa Domneasca Hotel Constanta
    Casa Domneasca Hotel
    Casa Domneasca Hotel 4 stars is located downtown, near Fantasio Theatre and The City Hall at 10 minutes walking from Modern beach or the historical area of the...

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  • GMG Hotel Constanta
    GMG Hotel
    GMG Hotel (4 stars) is located on one of the main avenue of Constanta, Mamaia boulevard which connect the city to Mamaia Resort. Located at only 200 meters form The...
  • Nevada Hotel Constanta
    Nevada Hotel
    Nevada Hotel 4 stars is built near Mamaia Resort in the Ovidius Univeristary Campus area, few minutes driving from the beach. Therefore, Nevada Hotel is...
  • Royal Hotel Constanta
    Royal Hotel
    Royal Hotel (4 stars) is located on one of the biggest boulevards of Constanta, Mamaia Boulevard, which starts downtown and passes over Mamaia Resort. Thereby the...
  • Ten Hotel Constanta
    Ten Hotel
    Ten Hotel (4 stars) is located downtown,on the harbor shore and a 5 minutes walk from Modern Beach. From the hotel the historical area and Tomis Harbor or Ovidiu...
  • Zodiac Hotel Constanta
    Zodiac Hotel
    Zodiac Hotel (4 stars) from Constanta opened in 2009 is located in Tabacariei Park area. The hotel is located at 5 minutes walk from th Holiday Village,...

3 hotels accomodation

  • Arion Hotel Constanta
    Arion Hotel
    Arion Hotel (3 stars) from Constanta is located in a quiet area of the city, near the harbor. The hotel is situated at aproximately at 3 km from the railway station...
  • Capri Hotel Constanta
    Capri Hotel
    Capri Hotel (3 stars) is located at 10 minutes from the historical area and about 5 minutes from the beach. The hotel provides 16 double rooms and 8 suites equipped...
  • Class Hotel Constanta
    Class Hotel
    Class Hotel (3 stars) is located right in the central commercial area of Constanta, about 300 meters from Modern Beach, across the street of City Hall. From the...

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  • Dali Hotel Constanta
    Dali Hotel
    Dali Hotel (3 stars) is located downtown, at 25 meters from Modern beach. Easy acces to the historical area and Tomis Harbor can be made. Near Dali Hotel, we can...
  • Ferdinand Hotel Constanta
    Ferdinand Hotel
    Ferdinand Hotel (3 stars) is a new hotel, located in the central part of the city, short distance from the City Hall and few minutes walking from the historical...
  • Golden Rose Hotel Constanta
    Golden Rose Hotel
    Golden Rose Hotel (3 stars) is located across the street from the Dolphinarium and McDonalds, about 300 meters from the beach and 1 km from Mamaia Resort.
  • Guci Hotel Constanta
    Guci Hotel
    Guci Hotel (3stars) opened in 1997 and located in the commercial and administrative center of the city, near the City Hall and about 5 minutes from Modern Beach....
  • Kleyn Hotel Constanta
    Kleyn Hotel
    Kleyn Hotel (3 stars) is located very close to the Tabacariei Lake, Dolphinarium and Mamaia Resort.
  • London Hotel Constanta
    London Hotel
    London Hotel 3 stars (ex Jolie Hotel)is located on a perpendicular street to Mamaia Bvd. near the Dolphinarium. Thereby the acces to any important areas of Constanta...
  • Maryiotis Hotel Constanta
    Maryiotis Hotel
    Hotel Maryiotis 3 stele Constanta este situat pe unul dintre bulevardele principale ale orasului, bulevardul Mamaia, care leaga statiunea cu acelasi nume de centrul...
  • Megalos Hotel Constanta
    Megalos Hotel
    Megalos Hotel (3 stars) is located on one of th main boulevards of Constanta nea the Ovidius. The hotel is a new building structured on 6 levels witha 46 rooms...
  • Pacific Hotel Constanta
    Pacific Hotel
    Pacific Hotel (3 stars) from Constantais located on Dezrobirii street, near The Institute of Marine. Opened in 2009 the Pacific Hotel is the right place wher you can...
  • Palace RRT Hotel Constanta
    Palace RRT Hotel
    Palace RRT Hotel (3 stars) Constanta is located in the historical area of the city, few steps from Tomis Harbour and the Casino. Opened in 1914  Palace RRT...
  • Scala Hotel Constanta
    Scala Hotel
    Scala Hotel (3 stars) located in Constanta, at 2 minutes from the beach and 5 minutes from the central part of the city, is ready to welcome you in a confortable...
  • Turist Hotel Constanta
    Turist Hotel
    Turist Hotel (3 stars) Constanta is located on Mamaia Boulevard, at aproximately 500 meters from the entry to Mamaia Resort. Taking into consideration its...
  • Voila Hotel Constanta
    Voila Hotel
    Voila Hotel (3 stars) from Constanta is located in the historic area of the city, near the Ovidiu square and near Modern beach. Opened in 2006, the hotel addresses...

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  • Ten Hotel Constanta
    Ten Hotel Constanta
    Ten Hotel (4 stars) is located downtown,on the harbor shore and a 5 minutes walk from Modern Beach. From the hotel the historical area and Tomis Harbor or Ovidiu...

Constanta useful information

Constanta useful information

Useful Info Constanta
Emergency Health Services: Emergency Services - 112 

Post Offices:
District Post Office Constanta - 156 Mamaia Bvd., Tel: 0040 0241.612.655 

Citizen Safety: 
District Police Office - 106 Mamaia Bvd. Tel: 0040 0241.616.150 

Consumer Protection Office: 
District Consumer Office, 12bis Poporului str,Constanta, Tel. 0040 0241.550.550, Fax 0040 0241.631.528 
Audiences schedule: Monday between 08:00- 10:00 

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