Black Sea Scubadiving

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Scuba Divings

Scuba Divings

Scuba Divings in the Black Sea

We chalenge you to ruin the myth of sunbathing and swimming in the’s time to have fun!Do you want to discover another universe? Do you want to show to the world that you can dive underwater? Do you want an internationally recognized PADI diving certificate? No matter who you are, what you want, we see your potential adn we assure you that the others will also do after you will pass by!

The Black Sea is wonderful! At only 2-3 meters deep you can see sea horses and sea stars, turbots, bullheads, oysters, a colorful universe that will amaze you.
The sensation felt while diving is the same as floating, flying – you will not going to feel the equipment weight and all your attention will be seized by the life around you.
The Black Sea Scuba Diving Cener helps you to discover the underwater world by safe scuba diving programs for startes, courses and proffesional equipment.
Last but not the leas we mention the Aqua Magic aquatic park – a place for true entertainment, arranged with aquatic slides in an exotic landscape with palms and miniature waterfalls.

In 2004 the Telegndola was inaugurated – a cable transportation installation, which by its means offers an sky view panorama of the resort, of the sea and also of Lake Siutghiorl. This project as a unique one in Romania and one of the few projects of this kind in the world. The telegondola’s route starst from Aqua Magic aqvatic park, travels over the hotels ( at 50 meters height) and ends at the Mamais’s Casino.

Lesure facilities:
Ther are 8 leisure bases in Mamaia resort, 4 on Lake Siutghiol shore and 4 on the beach. Our tourists can enjoy:
- Parachute Lifting
- Hydrobicycle trips
- Scuba Diving
- Windsurfing and Yachting School
- Inflatable banana boat towing
- Inflatable belt towing
- Water scooters
- Recreational sailing with Catamaran and Caravelle boats

Also the tourists can enjoy playing tennis, soccer on one of many sports field of the romanian seaside.