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Hotel Complex Steaua de Mare - Hotel Delfinul, Meduza

Steaua de Mare Hotel

Complex Steaua de Mare 3 stele Eforie...

Hotel Union

Union Hotel

Union Hotel ( 3 stars) is a famous hotel from...

Hotel Dunarea

Dunarea Hotel

Dunarea Hotel Complex ( 3 stars)  opened in...

Hotel Astoria

Astoria Hotel

Hotel Astoria 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat in...

Hotel Neptun Resort

Neptun Resort Hotel

Hotel Neptun 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat...

Hotel BluMarine

BluMarine Hotel

Hotel Blumarine 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat...

Hotel Fortuna

Fortuna Hotel

Fortuna Hotel 3 stars is located in the...

Hotel Maria

Maria Hotel

Vila Maria situata pe faleza, la 20 de metri de...

Hotel 333

333 Hotel


Hotel Pensiunea Roxana

Pensiunea Roxana Hotel

Roxana Pension (3 stars) is located at 500...

Hotel Traian

Traian Hotel

Traian Hotel ( 3 stars) is situated in the...

Hotel Apollo

Apollo Hotel

Apollo Hotel ( 3 stars)  is located 400 m...

Hotel Pinguin

Pinguin Hotel

Hotel Pinguin 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat...

Hotel Diana

Diana Hotel

Hotel Diana 3 stele Eforie Nord a fost renovat...

Hotel Petrolul

Petrolul Hotel

Petrolul Hotel 3 stars is located in the...

Hotel Felix

Felix Hotel

Hotel Felix 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat in...

Hotel Aqua Park

Aqua Park Hotel

Hotel Aqua Park 3 stele Eforie Nord (fostul hotel...

Hotel Valul Magic

Valul Magic Hotel

Valul Magic Hotel ( 3 stars) is located in the...

Hotel Belona

Belona Hotel

Belona Hotel ( 3 stars) is located in the...

Hotel Rhodos

Rhodos Hotel

Rhodos Eforie Nord Hotel ( 3 stars)  is...

Hotel Complex turistic Tropical

Complex turistic Tropical Hotel

Hotel Tropical 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat...

Hotel Vis

Vis Hotel

Hotel Vis 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat pe...

Hotel Victoria

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel 3 stars from Eforie Nord is...

Hotel Coral

Coral Hotel

Coral Hotel ( 3 stars) is a quite new hotel,...

Hotel Smarald

Smarald Hotel

Smarald Eforie Nord Hotel ( 3 stars) is located...

Eforie Nord 2021

Description of the resort Eforie Nord

EFORIE NORD is the second largest resort of Romanian seaside. Situated at about 12 km to Constanta City, on the linking route with Mangalia city, Eforie Nord  is a balneary resort which is famous not only inside the country but also abroad. Blending recreative tourism with the treatment one determines the resort to be open all seasons.The treatment centers from the resort attract every year a large number of tourists, both Romanians and foreigners, offering them modern treatments and health cures using the natural factors from the area. Being an expanding resort, Eforie Nord changes its look from one year to another. Besides the hotels and terraces which are famous in the resort, v

 Description Eforie Nord

Accommodation Special Offers Eforie Nord 2021

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  Special Offer Eforie Nord

The special offers include great hotels deals launched for the idea of ??increasing sales for the entire season or just for certain periods of the season, offers that can not be added to the already established programs like - Free Days,...

  1st of May Eforie Nord

1st of May on the seaside is already a tradition, and whether you want entertainment, whether you need rest, on the 1st of May you must be at the seaside! A well deserved vacation for a few days when you will be disconnected from the...

  Seaside for everybody Eforie Nord

Seaside for Everybody is a program designed for tourists who want to spend their holidays off season when the resorts and the beach are not so crowded, yet warmed by the sun, and requires significant room ratesdiscounts for 6 nights stays....

  Treatment Offers Eforie Nord

The Treatment Offers allows you to enjoy the relaxation procedures, maintenance or spa during your stay at the seaside. The treatments on the sea side are well maintained and in some cases hitech equipment is available. You can follow...

  Easter Offer Eforie Nord

The Easter Offer packages include two or more nights, complemented by the Easter festive meal, trips to Dobrogrea's churches and monasteries on the Easter Night, massage sessions, organizing barbeques on the beach and other surprises...

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The Statue of Ovid

The Statue of Ovid

The Statue of the latin writer, Ovid was executed by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrie in 1887 as a tribute to the writer who has lived the last years of his life in exile in Tomis....

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque from Mangaliais one of the most important historical and religious monuments of southern romanian seaside. The muslim place of worship was built in...

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a popular place among tourists who spend their holiday in Mamaia resort. Situated in the South of the resort, between Lakes Tabacariei and Siutghiol, this place...

St Anthony Roman-Catholic Church

St Anthony Roman-Catholic Church

The Roman-Catholic Church "St. Anthony of Padova" is situated in the historical area of Constanta, close to Carol I Mosque and Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. The imposing...

The Aquarium Constanta

The Aquarium Constanta

The Aquarium is located on the seafront, right in front of the imposing Casino. Opened with great fanfare on 1st of May 1958, Constanta's Aquarium was for a long time the first...

Lake View Entertainment and Sports Center Constanta

Lake View Entertainment and Sports Center Constanta

LAKE VIEW ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS is a modern entertainment center located on Mamaia Boulevard, near the entrance of Mamaia resort. The center is housed by an imposing building with...

St Nicholas Cathedral Tulcea

St Nicholas Cathedral Tulcea

Located in the central area of Tulcea city, the St Nicholas Cathedral is an imposing monument built in the Byzantine style which attracts believers and tourists passing by every day....

The Memorial House of Panai Cerna

The Memorial House of Panai Cerna

The Memorial House of Panait Cerna is located in the center area of Cerna village situated 55 km from Tulcea and 26 kilometers from the city of Macin on the road heading to Braila. The...

The Marine Museum Mangalia

The Marine Museum Mangalia

The Marine Museum of Mangalia was built in 2004 in one of the buildings of the disused barracks. The Institute is conceived as a museum dedicated to naval technology and highlights...

The Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is among the most visited tourist attractions in Constanta both in summer and in the off-season. Along The Planetarium and The Astronomical Observatory and the...

The Genoese Lightshouse

The Genoese Lightshouse

The Genovese Lighthouse is a monument that can be easily unnoticed, but the beauty and importance to the history of Constanta are undeniable. The Genovese Lighthouse is located on...

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

The Sculpture Museum Ion Jalea is located in the historical area of the city, at the end Elizabeth Avenue, a few steps from St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. The Institute is housed in...

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Hotel Phoenicia Holiday Resort

Phoenicia Holiday Resort Complex is located in Northern Mamaia area, at aproximately 150 meters from the beach and covers a total...

Hotel Amiral

Amiral Hotel (4 stars) is located in the northern area of the resort, several meters from the beach. Along with Comandor and Orfeu hotels,...

Hotel Zenith

Zenith Hotel Mamaia - 4 stars , is located in the northern area of the resort, close to the beach and Palas, Pelican and Dorna...

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This is the page dedicated to the resort Eforie Nord. To find an accommodation offer in Eforie Nord go to the section Hotels Eforie Nord. For assistance, additional information and reservations you can contact us by phone at: 0241 999 or you can consult our Client Support Team.

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Useful information Eforie Nord

Useful information Eforie Nord

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Oficii postale:
Post Office Eforie Nord - Str. Republicii nr.11- tel: 0241.741.113, 0241.741.811

Safety of the citizen :
Community Police Eforie tel: 0241.748.116