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Hotel Ibiza

Ibiza Hotel

 Ibiza Hotel ( 3 stars)  is a new...

Hotel Terra

Terra Hotel

Terra Hotel ( 3 stars)  is anew hotel which...

Hotel Holiday

Holiday Hotel

Hotel Holiday 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat pe...

Hotel Roxy si Mario

Roxy si Mario Hotel

Hotel Roxy si Mario 3 stele Eforie Nord este...

Hotel Coralis

Coralis Hotel

Coralis Hotel (3 stars) is located at 100...

Hotel Premium House

Premium House Hotel

Hotel Premium House 3 stele Eforie Nord este un...

Hotel Carmen

Carmen Hotel

Carmen Hotel (3 stars) is located close to Europa...

Hotel Blue Sky Resort

Blue Sky Resort Hotel

Hotel Blue Sky 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat...

Hotel Atlantis

Atlantis Hotel

Hotel Atlantis 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat in...

Hotel Tadora

Tadora Hotel

Hotel Tadora 3 stele Eforie Nord este construit...

Hotel Acapulco

Acapulco Hotel

Acapulco Hotel Eforie Nord ( 3 stars)  is...

Hotel Complex Decebal

Complex Decebal Hotel


Hotel Club Anca

Club Anca Hotel

Anca Club Hotel (3 stars) is located between Lake...

Hotel Philoxenia

Philoxenia Hotel

Philoxenia Hotel (3 stars)  is located ...

Hotel Grand

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel ( 3 stars) is located near Grand...

Hotel Evia

Evia Hotel

Evia Hotel 3 stars Eforie Nord is a new hotel,...

Hotel Dynes

Dynes Hotel

Dynes Hotel ( 3 stars) is located in the center...

Hotel Vera

Vera Hotel

Vera Hotel 3 stars is located in the central...

Hotel Samali Residence - Apartamente in regim hotelier

Samali Residence - Apartamente in regim hotelier Hotel

Samali Residence Eforie Nord consits of...

Hotel Golden Beach

Golden Beach Hotel

Golden Beach Hotel ( 3 stars) is a new hotel, it...

Hotel Giulia

Giulia Hotel

Giulia Eforie Nord Hotel ( 3 stars) is located...

Hotel Jennifer

Jennifer Hotel

Jennifer Hotel 3 stars is located at the...

Hotel Allegro

Allegro Hotel

Allegro Hotel ( 3 stars) is a new hotel, opened...

Hotel Clas

Clas Hotel

Hotel Clas 3 stele Eforie Nord este situat in...

Hotel Vigo

Vigo Hotel


Eforie Nord 2022

Description of the resort Eforie Nord

Povestea statiunii Eforie Nord Istoria statiunii Eforie Nord se leaga de cea a localitatii vecine, statiunea Eforie Sud, cu care formeaza o unitate administrativa. Piatra de temelie a statiunii a fost pusa in anul 1894, atunci cand organizatia Eforia Spitalelor Civile din Bucuresti a construit in zona un sanatoriu balneoclimateric. Cinci ani mai tarziu, alaturi de sanatoriu se ridica, pe malul marii, prima unitate de cazare din zona, denumita Hotel Movila (actual Hotel Parc, Eforie Sud), iar pe malul lacului Techirghiol se amenajeaza Baile Movila. In acest fel a luat nastere statiunea Movila-Techirghiol. Incepand cu anul 1920, in zona sunt construite numeroase vile, resedinte si case

 Description Eforie Nord

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  Seaside for everybody Eforie Nord

Seaside for Everybody is a program designed for tourists who want to spend their holidays off season when the resorts and the beach are not so crowded, yet warmed by the sun, and requires significant room ratesdiscounts for 6 nights stays....

  Special Offer Eforie Nord

The special offers include great hotels deals launched for the idea of ??increasing sales for the entire season or just for certain periods of the season, offers that can not be added to the already established programs like - Free Days,...

  Treatment Offers Eforie Nord

The Treatment Offers allows you to enjoy the relaxation procedures, maintenance or spa during your stay at the seaside. The treatments on the sea side are well maintained and in some cases hitech equipment is available. You can follow...

  Weekend Offer Eforie Nord

Thee Weekend Offer refers to 2 or 3 nights weekend stays for a discounted price. Sometimes, two paid nights and the third is free of charge or half rated. All this offers are published depending on the occupancy of the hotel, and often run...

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The Statue of Mihai Eminescu

The Statue of Mihai Eminescu

The Statue of Mihai Eminescu was executed skillfully in the early '30s by the sculptor Oscar Han. The monument is located near the sea, on the Caino's seafront, thus fulfilling...

The Fantasio Theatre

The Fantasio Theatre

The Fantasio Theatre is one of the senior cultural institutions of the city and is located on the Ferdinand Boulevard, near the Archaeological Park and the City Hall. Founded on the...

St Mina Church

St Mina Church

St Mina Church is a great location, being an a oasis of peace of Constanta. The church is located in Tabacariei Park, on the lakeshore  with the same name, away from city noise....

The Natural Microreserve

The Natural Microreserve

The Microreserve of the Natural Science Museum Complex is a unique place in Constanta. Inaugurated in 1985, the microreserve covers an area of approximately 6 ha of which 2 ha of...

The Folk Art Museum of Constanta

The Folk Art Museum of Constanta

The Folk Art Museum is located in the historic area of Constanta on the intersection of Tomis Boulevard with Traian Street. The museum is hosted by a building with great significance...

Carol I Mosque

Carol I Mosque

Carol I Mosque, located in Ovid Square area, is the main religious muslim edifice and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of our land. The building started in 1910 at...

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum

The Romanian Marine Museum of Constanta is the largest institution of its kind in Romania and contains precious testimony of evolution of romaniain military and civil navy. Located...

The Touristic Harbor Mangalia

The Touristic Harbor Mangalia

The Touristic Harbor of Mangalia is the modern romanian harbor  for small vessels whish sales along the Black Sea coast. The harbor was arranged during 2006-2008 with European...

The Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is among the most visited tourist attractions in Constanta both in summer and in the off-season. Along The Planetarium and The Astronomical Observatory and the...

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque

The Esmahan Sultan Mosque from Mangaliais one of the most important historical and religious monuments of southern romanian seaside. The muslim place of worship was built in...

The Pontoon

The Pontoon

The Pontoon Mamaia is a tourist attraction opened in early 2013 summer season. The construction starts on the beach, next to Victoria hotel, great finishes in a distance of about...

The Statue of Ovid

The Statue of Ovid

The Statue of the latin writer, Ovid was executed by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrie in 1887 as a tribute to the writer who has lived the last years of his life in exile in Tomis....

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Hotel Aurora

Aurora Hotel 2 star Mamaia is located in the southern area of the resort, steps away from the Aqua Magic, Holiday Village and Gondola....

Hotel Sulina

Sulina Hotel 4 stars Mamaia was completely renovated in spring 2016 and, on this occasion, reclassified to 4 stars. Currently offers...

Hotel Aqvatonic - Steaua de Mare

Aqvatonic Hotel - 4 stars was inaugurated in July 2016 and is located 100 meters from the seashore. The hotel offers to its tourists all...

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Useful information Eforie Nord

Useful information Eforie Nord

Emergency health services: The Emergency Service - 112

Oficii postale:
Post Office Eforie Nord - Str. Republicii nr.11- tel: 0241.741.113, 0241.741.811

Safety of the citizen :
Community Police Eforie tel: 0241.748.116