The "Evangehlia'' Shipwreck - tourist attraction Costinesti

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The "Evangehlia'' Shipwreck

The "Evangehlia'' Shipwreck

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The Evanghelia Shipwreck is located in Costinesti coast and can be seen easily from the beach. Though many tourists know about the wreck of the sea, very few of them know its story. "Evanghelia" was greek commercial ship which failed in the fall of 1968 for reasons that remain unknown. A lot of experts who investigated the event said the damage leading to failure of the vessel would have been caused by an explosion inside. Due to high costs that involve the ship recovery, the vessel owner decided to leave it there. Throughout time the shipwreck integrated through theresort landscape and became a symbol of Costinesti, as customary in tourists photos who spend their vacation in this coastline area. The shipwreck can be reached by swimming or by boats provided by locals.

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