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Vama Veche (“Old Customs “) and 2 Mai are two localities near the Bulgarian border, two localities which are famous for spending a non-conformist holiday.
VAMA VECHE is located at 7 km from 2 Mai and at 12 km from Mangalia city. You can reach Vama Veche from Mangalia city, which is the end of the railway station, by minibuses which you can take from the Railway Station or by your own car on E 87 national road. Vama Veche is a continuously transforming resort – which is a bad thing for some - they have built a lot here in the last years - , and the “spirit” lost in rubble and concrete. A thing must not be forgotten, that the “spirit” is formed mostly by the people who populate the small resort and less by the surrounding buildings. Vama Veche was and still is one of the most non-conformist holiday destinations, although the Vama tourists state that the atmosphere has deteriorated a reason for them to establish an NGO called “Save Vama Veche”. However, it is a place where you can spend your holiday in the middle of nature, with a special atmosphere of freedom.
Vama Veche beach is wide, having about 200 meters in some areas. Intimate and wild, the beach is populated by young people even at night which gather around fire camps. Due to its busy atmosphere and also due to the lack of education, sometimes the beach is full of trash. A symbol of the resort is a wreck that is located few hundreds of meters from the sea shore. The accommodation is provided by several hotels, which are very few, but mostly by pensions and villas. The accommodation rates are small in comparison with other resorts on Romanian seaside. Here you can find original terraces and restaurants, wooden chairs and tables, reed umbrellas where you can eat fried anchovies, mici (a Romanian meat dish), pizza, etc.

2 MAI is situated between Vama Veche to the south (6 Km) and Mangalia city (5 km). You can reach 2 Mai only by car, Mangalia being the last railway station on Romanian seaside. From the Mangalia railway station you can go by minibuses to 2 Mai and it takes only 7 minutes. During summer the minibus is available at night also, at 15 minutes intervals.
A quiet place until several years before, 2 Mai is now a busy locality during summer, the tourists being attracted by the low prices. You can accommodate in villas and pensions, or in a tent on the beach or inside the yards of the houses. The beach in 2 Mai is bordered by Mangalia Harbor dam and an undeveloped portion of seaside which communicates with Vama Veche beach. It is mostly undeveloped beach.
Means of entertainment are reduced and those who stay in 2 Mai spend their evenings in Vama Veche or Mangalia city.

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