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NEPTUN AND OLIMP RESORTS are situated about 38 km from Constanta city and about 8 km from Mangalia city which they belong to in terms of administration. To the North of Neptun – Olimp resort you  can find Costinesti resort, at to the South there is Jupiter resort. Due to the fact that the two resorts find themselves one in extension to the other, they were integrated in one single resort which people call Neptun – Olimp.
Situated in a very beautiful landscape, boarded by Comorova forest to the West and Lake Neptun to the East, Neptun – Olimp resort hasn’t lost his charm and elegance, Neptun- Olimp is an aired resort and very well configured, being crossed by a main street, wide enough, from where secondary streets and shady alleys come off. The resort is abundant in well taken care greenery which “hide” hotels, villas and restaurants.In relation to other resorts of Romanian sea side, Neptun-Olimp is a peaceful resort, proper for relaxation.
The beaches of Neptun-Olimp resorts do not communicate one with another due to the presence in the area of a pontoon which belongs to the villas of Government Protocol. Both beaches are covered by thicker sand than  that on the Northern part beaches of the seaside. The entry inside the water is a bit inclined, and the depth of the water increases abruptly.
The Neptun beach has a width which varies from 30 to 100 meters. The beach is boarded by reed fences, and in some places by shops and terraces.  Still on the beach a Lifeguard Center is located which is open all season. The best known portion of the beach is caled “To the flags” and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Romanian seaside. Fans of sand sports must know that there are volleyball and football fields arranged on the beach. The Olimp beach has a different aspect than that of Neptun and this is due tot the bays which furrows it from one place to another. The beach is wider in the Northern part, in the area of Amfiteatru-Panoramic-Belveder Complex and narrows gradually to the Southern part, there where it is boarded by a high cliff. Some beach sectors are arranged with chaiselongs and umbrellas.

The Neptun-Olimp resorts are surrounded by greenery which ensure a clean and fresh air during summer. A part of them are even “hidden” in the green brushwood, providing peace and intimacy to the tourists.Here you can find 4 stars, 3 stars and 2 stars hotels.Classified 4 stars hotels are: Insula Hotel, Mediterraneo Hotel, Holiday Olimp Hotel, Boutique Shine Hotel and Cocor Hotel. Most of the 3 stars hotels have been renovated lately and offer very good conditions regarding accommodation and services: Majestic Hotel, Recif Hotel, Ciresica Complex, Sulina Hotel, Lacul Racilor Hotel, Doina Hotel. The last has a modern treatment center which is available all year round.3 stars hotels prevail between the 2 resorts. All these hotels were built during communism era but have been improved with the time.Notice that the 2 stars hotels from Olimp resort are grouped in 3 thematic hotel ensemble. One of them bear city names: Arad Hotel, Sibiu Hotel, Craiova Hotel, Slatina Hotel, the second has an interesting architecture and contains Amfitearu Hotel, Panoramic Hotel and Belvedere Hotel, and the third contains names that remind of the Romanian regions: Banat Hotel, Moldova Hotel, Crisana Hotel, Maramaures Hotel, etc.
Referring now to “Meal” chapter, you have to know from the very beginning that Neptun-Olimp resort does not lack alternatives when you wish to have meal  in another place except the hotel where you stay. Most of the restaurants and terraces are concentrated in Neptun, on the main street of the resort.These offer a wide variety of autochtnous , international and fish dishes. Right in the center we remark Antik pizza restaurant which has a well-arranged terrace with greenery and various flowers. Antik is a special place where you can enjoy savory Italian dishes as well as international dishes. As a distinctive note, the restaurant has a traditional Tatar saloon where you can have coffee made on sand, suberek ( a traditional meat pie), ayran ( the famous yoghurt with salt and water) and the hookah.
In order to discover another special place you need to go on the beach between Olimp and Costinesti, to the 23 August Lakes. There you will discover Popasul Pescarilor, a very beautiful fish restaurant. The restaurant has 500 seats capacity and also has a saloon and a terrace right on the beach, several meters from the sea. The design of the restaurant is a traditional fishing theme ( with reeds and nets) and the food is always fresh, the fish being fished every morning from the Black Sea.Considering the fact that the retsurant is very busy, we advice to make a reservation.
A unique location on Romanian seaside are the Clos de Colombes Domains, situated accross the Racilor Lake Hotel. A rich vineyard,a cellar, a unique hotel and a special resturant – all are part of Clos de Colombes , a location which allows you to imagine a relaxing voyage on French lands. The restaurant suggest you a French menu with Romanian accents and a selection of wines with a special savor.
Along the restaurants and terraces, in Neptun-Olimp you will also find lots pastries and fast-food restaurants which will quench your hunger with their various dishes.

The beaches from Neptun-Olimp are good for aerohelitherapy, talasotherapy, cold mud wraps. Inside Doina Hotel there is a tretament center where you can treat degenerative rheumatic diseases, inflammatory rheumatic diseases,post-traumatic diseases, periphery nervous system diseases, gynaecological diseases,endocrine disorders, dermatological diseases, respiratory disorders.
The clinic is open all year round and has modern installations as well as specialized doctors. Inside the clinic there are electrotherapy, kinesiology and hidrotherapy offices as well as inhalations and aerosols, warm mud wraps, gym classes, massage saloons, geriatric and also a warm sea water swimming pool.

As for the night entertainment, Neptun – Olimp resort does not have a good offer. There are several night clubs in Neptun resort, one of them being Kremlin Club, but most of the tourists in the resort prefer to relax while having a walk or by going to the terraces which are on the main street. Shopping is another offer, nocturnal or diurnal, which tourists can take advantage of in Neptun-Olimp. Most of the shops and commercial galleries are concentrated inside Neptun resort. During the day, tourists can enjoy the entertainment centers both on the lake and on the beach, so they can ride hydrobicycles, sailing boats, skyjets and the famous bananas. If you wish to take a break during the day, we suggest you a walk around the Neptun lake, this being surrounded by a cliff with benches, or a picnic in Comorova forest which boards the resort in the West. There are also several clubs and swimming pools which offer swimming lessons to the children and adults.The resort has a kart track for the children to have some fun.

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