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CONSTANTA is an effervescent city, which combines the millennial history with modernism. Constanta welcomes its guests with open arms, a lot of charm and surprising places. It is a city which celebrates the multicultural, a city where oriental civilization meets and blends with the western one in order to generate a lively and spectacular spirit. As for the importance, Constanta is the second city in Romania, it is a harbor and touristic city which should be visited during summer and winter, spring and autumn. Constanta reveals and discloses itself before the exploratory tourist as a story which is read during summer under starry sky and virgin beaches. Allow some time to your holiday in Constanta in order to discover the old city, the harbors of Constanta, the buildings and their stories, the monasteries and the roman vestiges, the virgin beaches from Grindul Chitic and  not the least allow yourself some time to meet people, their customs and traditions. Do not leave before tasting the Dobrogean pie, the fish brine and the other culinary dishes prepared in the Dobrogean kitchens.

The city of Constanta is located in Constanta County in the South-East extremity of Romania, on the Black Sea shore. Mamaia resort is located at the limit of north of the city, the beach stretching on a length of 6 km and it is oriented towards East, which confers sunshine all along the day. The harbor of Constanta is the main harbor of Romania at sea, stretching on an area of 3182 hectares.

The Greeks, the Byzantines and the Turks left their footprints on the history of this city. In the VIIth century, the Greeks founded here Tomis city. On their travel by sea, the Greek sailors were attracted by the shelter offered by the bay and the peninsula formed on the Black Sea shore, as well as of the very good trade with goods made by the chiefs of the local population, the getae “ those who think of themselves as immortals” (Herodotus). The Tomis  - the host of the Latin exiled poet Publius Ovidius Naso – was founded within an ample process of Greek colonization on the shore of Pontus Euxin, gaining the attributes of a city starting with IVth century B.C.
The importance of Tomis increased considerably during Constantine’s the Great time – whose name derives the current name of the city. Meanwhile temples and huge edifices were built, public squares and termae (baths), marble processing workshops, streets and new neighborhoods were built. Submitted to migratory peoples’ cavalcades, the city became a ruin countless times.
Several centuries later, on the Tomis ruins, a small place of fishermen blossoms, from which, gradually, Constanta developed. The remains of the old civilization can be encountered everywhere in the city of today. We can discuss about a real development only after the victory of Romania in the Independence War (1878) when the province returns to the mother country.A second stage in the process of spectacular evolution of Constanta city is represented by the interwar period, the next prominent moment in its evolution being the Revolution from December, 1989.

The Constanta beach stretches on the whole Eastern part of the city, from Tomis Harbor till Mamaia resort. The beach is bordered by many small bays and in some areas it is arranged. Thus, towards the Tomis Harbor, in the centre of the city, there is Modern Beach, a modern beach which you can reach from a very high cliff, descending several tens of stairs. The sand of thei beach is very fine, its width is about 100-200 m, and the entry in the sea is smooth, the sea water having a very small depth some tens of meters offshore. Another beach is 2 Papuci – you can reach this beach from Mamaia Boulevard – it is not arranged, narrow and the entry into the sea is a bit difficult, the beach being boarded by stones. In the North of the city, several km from Mamaia, there is Faleza Nord Beach, a beach which was arranged in the past and now it is in an advanced state of decay. Nevertheless it is preferred by the local people and the tourists who are accommodated by people in the area.

In Constanta there are open many modern and comfortable hotels, the majority built in the last years. Most of the hotels are three or four stars, just few of them being two stars. In the centre there are Ferdinand, Ibis, Class and Gucci hotels – hotels which offer easy access to the beach, to the shopping and historical area. Another area packed with hotels is Mamaia Boulevard, which practically connects the centre of the city with Mamaia resort. Some of them are: Bulevard, Cora, Royal, Megalos. Of course, there is the possibility of accommodation in Mamaia Resort, the largest and most beautiful resort on the seaside, which has also hotels that are open also during winter and which are cheaper in extra season than those hotels in Constanta city. There are plenty of possibilities of having a meal in Constanta city, which is full of restaurants, pubs and also terraces. There are restaurants in all the areas of touristic interest: Tomis harbor – On plonge restaurant (fish cuisine) , which is very crowded during summer and a wonderful garden towards the harbor; in the Centre Irish Pub (Irish cuisine, good serving, garden, busy place), Marco Polo, Pizza Hut, El Greco tavern (Greek cuisine), Beta, Capitol cellar (Romanian cuisine), Domino (pizza restaurant), Mamaia Boulevard – La Dolce Vita (Italian cuisine), La Tati, Grill House etc.There are many restaurants and terraces open especially during summer in Mamaia resort. An all year round open restaurant is Arena restaurant, famous due to its chef, namely Milorad Milosevic (people know him from Taverna Sarbului), having a Serbian cuisine.

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