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VENUS RESORT is situated in the Southern part of Romanian seaside, 3 km from Mangalia city and about 42 km from Constanta city.In terms of administration, the resort which bears the name of the Goddess of beauty, belongs to Mangalia city. Dominated by rich vegetation, Venus resort is the perfect location where you can rest enjoying the natural factors: the sea, the sun and the breeze. Due to its sources of mineral sulphurous hypothermic water which are captured in the area, Venus has developed as a balneary resort where a series of important diseases can be treated. The resort is known as a location where the sea water is calm, and the algae appear quite rarely on the sea shore. The resort is not that busy during summer which means you can enjoy a peaceful and unstressful holiday.

Stretched on a distance of about 1.5 km, the beach of Venus resort keeps the particularity of the Southern beaches that it is crossed by bays which enter deeply into the shore. Three such bays divide Venus beach in narrow sectors. Once you head for Saturn resort the beach becomes straight and reaches a width of about 200 meters, this being the most frequented sector by the tourists. Mineral sulphurous hypothermic waters have their source in this area, which are captured and used by therapeutic showers. In the Northern part, on a small portion, the access into the water is more difficult since the shore is sprinkled with stones. This is an area which is preferred by those who wish for peace and intimacy. All along its length, the beach is covered with fine sand, and on certain portions it is arranged with chaiselongs and umbrellas.

One curiosity of this resort is that most of the hotels bear the name of a girl: Dana Hotel, carmen Hotel, Afrodita Hotel, Raluca Hotel, Corina Hotel, Bradusa Hotel, Claudia Hotel, Lidia Hotel, Sanda Hotel and the list can continue with other accommodation places. Venus resort offer various accommodation options for various budgets since it has hotels classified as 4 star, or 1 star.Carmen, Dana, Palace and Afrodita Hotels are the most luxurious and also offer the tourists fitness clubs, swimming pools, playgrounds and conference halls.Also the 3 stars hotels offer good accommodation conditions. They were renovated in the last years, gaining a beautiful look: Sunquest Hotel, Mezotermale Hotel, Raluca Hotel, Melodia Hotel, Corina Hotel, and Orlando Hotel. The 2 stars hotels predominate in the resort: Brandusa Hotel, Claudia Hotel, Lidia Hotel, Sandra Hotel, Favorit Hotel, Rodica Hotel, Silvia Hotel, Florica Hotel, Veronica Hotel.Many of these hotels were improved by replacement or reconditioning of the furniture, carpets and curtains. The 1 star hotel haven’t been renovated yet and are all, with one exception, high hotels, situated on the seashore: Pajura Hotel, Cocorul Hotel, Vulturul Hotel and Brates Hotel.Venus resort offers multiple opportunities when it comes to food. Restaurants, food stores, cafeterias, pastries and fast-foods are spread all over the resort. At the entrance from Mangalia there is Razelm, a fish restaurant. The location owes its charm to its position on the shore of Lake Venus, The restaurant is provided with covered terrace which comes from the waters of the lake and a saloon which is decorated with fishing symbols. The dishes here offer sea or sweet water fish which are cooked in the most various ways beautifully garnished and seasoned.

Venus resort is famous for its balneotherapeutic nature. Mineral sulphurous hypothermic waters have their sources in this land, waters that can treat many diseases: cervical,dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, post traumatic conditions, secondary anemia , rachitism, dermatological diseases or gynaecological disorders and so on. Besides these mineral waters, you can take advantage of the therapeutic effects of sunshine, sea water and breeze which can help to treat certain dermatological diseases, respiratory disorders or problems concerning the locomotive apparatus.

As mentioned above, Venus resort is a peaceful one. However, the tourists have no time to get bothered in their hotel room. Even if they spend the whole day on the beach, these can take advantage of the opportunities for entertainment which Venus resort offers. The first place is occupied by water sports. Tourists can have a ride with various sailing boats or can take lessons of scuba-diving from very well trained instructors. At the entry from Mangalia the children can enjoy an amusement park, and the Circus is opened for the public and is situated between Venus and Saturn resorts.The beach between the 2 resorts is the host of an important event for the adults. We are speaking about Liberty Parade.
For those wanting to know new spots and pieces from Dobrogea history touristic trips are organized every summer at the most important monuments in the region.

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