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Techirghiol is located at 16 kilometers from Constanta, near Eforie Nord on Lake Techirghiol shore. In administrative terms, Techirghiol is a town which has a total number of 7000 residents. Techirghiol is one of many balneoclimateric resorts with national and international reputation, due to the lake's healing properties. Salty water and full of minerals, sapropelic mud extracted from it's deep waters are very successfully used for rheumatism, anemia, rickets, spondylosis, hypothyroidism and other neurological disorders, skin or endocrine treatments.

First documentary item mentions Techirghiol is dating back to the mid 16th century when Dobrogea was under Ottoman domination . The name of the lake appears in the orders of the turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. After December 1st, 1878 , the date on which returns to Romanian administration of Dobrogea , Techirghiol earns the reputation among romanian intellectuals. The sapropelic mud benefits attracts a lot of personalities of that time, such as Mihail Kogalniceanu, Mircea Eliade, Cezar Petrescu, Ionel Teodoreanu and Tudor Arghezi who build their summer residences on the lake's shore. In 1894 the Ministry of Agriculture and Estates sells 100 ha of lake shore to the Hospitals Eforia charity company from Bucharest. Thus, are built the foundations of today's Techirghiol town. On 1st of January 1928 Techirghiol receives the resort status. In 1930 , Techirghiol resort had beach with a total surface of 6000 square meters, 23 hotels, 318 villas and a sanatorium. Lake Techirghiol is declared a natural monument in 1972. As a measure of protection and conservation, boat sailing on the lake was prohibited until today.

The resort beach is located on the northern lake shore, where also the entire settlement is located. Known as the "Cold Baths'', the beach has a reduced surface and it is covered with sand. In summer time the beach is full of tourists which enjoys the extracted mud properties and of relaxed time, the area being very quiet and away from the crowded places . The mud can be purchased for a small amount of money from vendors passing by.

Techirghiol resort offer small hotels, villas and pensions where tourist can enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The accommodation spaces are well located both central area of the resort and quiet and shady streets of Techirghiol. To be noticed, Anina Hotel 3 stars located in the central area of the resort, offers very good accommodation conditions. Also, the tourists can enjoy accommodation at Balneary and Recovery Sanatorium or at Pastoral-Social Center of St Mary Church, where balneary treatment will be provided as well. Techirghiol resort offers to its tourist diversified places for meal serving. Among the hotel's restaurants in the central area many terraces, pizzerias, fast foods or patisseries are available.

Techirghiol won its reputation as a balneary resort due to the lake's healing properties. The sapropelic mud, extracted from the bottom of the lake it is successfully used in both treatment centers from the area. The Balneary and Recovery Sanatorium provides one of the largest treatment areas of the romanian riviera. Inside the sanatorium 800 patients can benefit of over 2500 daily treatment procedures. A treatment center can be found also inside Pastoral-Social Center of St Mary Church. Both treatment centers provide mud baths, salty water baths, galvanic baths, plants naths, massages, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy. The procedures are very useful in  rheumatic, traumatic, skeletal, the central and peripheral nervous system, gynecological, dermatological, vascular and endocrine diseases.

Techirghiol resort is a area dedicated to people which enjoy silence and relaxation. The main attraction of the resort is Lake Techirghiol. Located between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud, Lake techirghiol is the largest salty water lake from Romania. The fauna and the flora that inhabits the lake provides the main raw for the sapropelic mud production with active mineral components offering excellent terapheutical properties. Shiny, unctuous with a characteristic smell, the sapropelic mud owns all properties for different treatment procedures. In all points of view Techirghiol's mud is unique. Inside the treatment centers the heated mud is used for different procedures and also mixed with salty lake water for baths. On the beach which is arranged on the lake shore, the tourists anoint their bodyes with the wonder mud. This is the first and oldest mud treatment method, used since XIXth century. In the hart of the resort, in a quiet area, the St Mary Monastery is located, an oasis of spirituality and peace. The wooden small church belongs from Maramures area and was brought to Techirghiol in 1951. Inside the church a small christianity museum is available. Walking slowly down the streets you will see the statue of Techir and his donkey.According to the legend, the old Techir was the one who discovered the sapropelic mus benefits. Crippled and blind, the old Techir was traveling along with his donkey when sudden he got stuck in the lake's mud. Great joy overcome the old man when he realized that due to the mud his eyes could now see light again and his feet were again cured. Also the donkey's wounds were cured. The story of miraculous healing spread rapidly and a lot of people have come to the lake shore, bathing and anointing themselves with mud to heal.

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