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"Am stat in acest an in statiunea Saturn la hotelul Cerna si sunt dezamagit in totalitate de serviciile oferite.Hotelul nu isi merita nici pe departe cele trei stele.Pe perioada sejurului care a durat 5 zile nu mi sa luat gunoiul din camera,nu mi-au fost schimbate prosoapele care erau rupte,nu a fost aspirat niciodata,nu am avut hartie igienica,nu are wi-fi,usile de la balcon si de la intrare nu se inchid bine.Nu stiu pe ce criterii a luat acest hotel 3 stele dar dupa parerea mea acest hotel este de cel mult doua stele.Despre plaja pot sa spun ca este un dezastru,nu este curatata este invadata de alge si de scoici si mirosul pe malul marii este insuportabil.Este pt mine un concediu ratat si as vrea sa ma credeti pe cuvant sa nu fiti in situatia mea.STIMABILILOR LA 3 STELE WI-FI ESTE OBLIGATORIU,PROSOAPELE SI LENJERIA SE SCHIMBA LA 3 ZILE,SE ASPIRA SI SE IA GUNOIUL IN FIECARE ZI,APA IN BAIE NU TREBUIE SA BALTEASCA SI CA SA NU VA MAI BATETI JOC DE TURISTI AMENAJATI SI PLAJA.PE MINE MA-TI PIERDUT DE CLIENT SI ASTA O SA ZIC TUTUROR PRIETENILOR SA NU PATEASCA CE AM PATIT EU."

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SATURN is the close neighbor of Mangalia city which it belongs administratively. It is at about 43 km from Constanta city, Saturn resort is attractive through the advantages it offers to its tourists. The rich vegetation and the peaceful atmosphere would be two of its features which make Saturn to be searched by those who wish a relaxing holiday far from the busy daily life. All the accommodation spots are surrounded by greenery and trees which provide fresh air and coolness during a hot summer. Another advantage Saturn resort offers is the presence in the area of sulphurous hypothermic sources and the therapeutic mud, both used in treating gynaecological and locomotive disorders. Comparing it to other resorts, Saturn is not an expensive resort, and this determines lots of tourists to prefer it for spending summer holidays. Shortly, Saturn is a quiet summery resort, full of greenery, where the tourists can benefit the natural factors.

The beach of Saturn resort is covered by coarse sand and is boarded to the South by Mangalia city and to the North by Venus resort. In the Southern part the beach is laced by numerous artificial bays which enter deeply into the land, narrowing the sandy area. In the Northern region, towards the Venus resort, the beach gets wider till 150 meters, and the bays disappear. This is the region where the famous mesothermal sulphurous sources are present and which are captured as showers. Along the beach there is a cliff where numerous bars and terraces are placed and where the tourists can rest far from the burning summer sun. In order for the tourists to be safe on the beach and at sea, there are teams of lifeguards on Diana and Agras beaches.

Saturn resort offers the tourists 13 000 accommodation places in hotels, villas, pensions and camp sites. Most of the hotels are classified as 3 or 2 stars hotels, yet there is a 4 stars hotel and another 5 stars hotel. The latter bears the name of the resort and offer modern accommodation spaces along with good quality services. An important part of the 3 stars hotels have been renovated, improving their services for the tourists which come here every year: Cupidon Hotel, Sirena Hotel, Cerna Hotel, Hora Hotel and Balad Hotel. The last two hotels, Hora and Balada, have modern treatment centers where a large series of diseases can be cured. The villas and pensions in the resort have been recently built and are concentrated in the regions of Dunarea Holiday Village and Delta Holiday Village. For those who prefer tent accommodation, there is also a camp site.  The possibilities to have meal are numerous in the small resort. Besides the restaurants which belong to the hotels, there are also numerous terraces, pizza restaurants, fast foods which are scattered in the whole resort.

The two treatment centers of Saturn resort can be found inside Hora and Balada Hotels. Inside these treatment centers sea water, the sapropelic mud and mesothermal sulphurous waters are used in order to treat many diseases like: rheumatic degenerative diseases ( cervical, lumbar and dorsal spondylosis), post-traumatic orthopedic conditions (fractures, dislocations), anemias, articular manifestations of nutrition diseases ( rachitism)  , respiratory apparatus diseases (pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, neurodermitis), metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, gout), gynaecological diseases (adnexitis, metroadnexitis, sterility). The therapies used in order to treat the diseases above: hydrotherapy, kynetotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy (sulphurous baths, mud baths, plant baths, galvanic baths, medical gymnastics, underwater shower, paraffin and mud wraps, dry mud wraps, geriatrics cure.

Saturn resort offer multiple opportunities to spend leisure time, thus you will have no time to get bored while you spend your holiday. As far as the water sports are concerned, tourists can rent nautical equipments, can dive or can go fishing. If you are a fan of sport and exercise in open air, you can enjoy the sport fields in different areas of the resort. Close to the border with Mangalia city, there is a Sports Center which offers you various facilities. You can spend your evenings at the terrace, having dinner at restaurant or playing bowling with your friends. Promenades on the cliff of the resort or in the shady streets are another modality of relaxing for the tourists in Saturn resort. If you and d your family accommodate in Saturn resort you have to know that every summer here comes the Circus, more precisely in the Northern part of the resort. Also on the beach between Saturn and Venus. Liberty Parade is organized every summer, it is an event very popular among young people from Romania and abroad.

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