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The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a popular place among tourists who spend their holiday in Mamaia resort. Situated in the South of the resort, between Lakes Tabacariei and Siutghiol, this place is ideal for those who look for fun and joy.

Initially, The Holiday Village was conceived as a complex of restaurants which would bring together the culinary specific of different Romanian provinces. That is why, almost all the locals situated in the Holiday Village have suggestive names: Casa Prahoveana, Casa Valceana, Casa Dobrogeana, Casa Argeseana). Over time, besides these ‘’Houses ‘’ there have been opened a lot of other restaurants, gardens, commercial galleries and souvenir stalls of all sorts. Thus, the Holiday Village has become a versatile place, colorful, where tourists can have a walk, do shopping or can eat various dishes (fried anchovies and a pint of beer are very popular).
Furthermore, the main attraction of the Holiday Village is the famous LUNA PARK , an amusement park full of light and colorful games. A great number of installations will capture your attention and will carry you in an adventure full of adrenaline. There are available trains and carrousels for the little ones, but also installations ready to offer amazing sensations for the older ones (the spin, the roller-coaster, hammers, etc). If you like to admire the surroundings from altitude, a huge wheel is available, which will offer you an amazing panorama of Mamaia resort and Constanta city. The Holiday Village identifies with joy which is specific to the seaside, that is why you can’t miss this place full of cheerfulness when you find yourself in Mamaia resort.
The Holiday Village is the place that can’t be missed if you find yourself in holiday together with your children – it is full of joy and various games, it offers amusement installations both for the younger ones ( trains and small cars) and the adults.

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