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"O statiune foarte frumoasa, merg aici din anul 2010 si in fiecare an s-a produs cate-o schimbare, bineinteles in bine. Statiune OK si linistita."

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EFORIE SUD is a small dimensions summery resort, situated in the South of the seaside, 18 km from Constanta city, between Eforie Nord and Tuzla. Framed by the Black Sea and Lake Techirghiol, Eforie Sud is a peaceful resort, a lot of green space, where the natural factors of the area, the mud and the salty water, are “exploited” for the benefit of health

The beginning of Eforie Sud resort is linked to year 1894, when in the area a sanatorium to treat different diseases is built. Five years later, in 1899, the first hotel in the area is built on the sea shore, called Movila Hotel (today, Parc Hotel).  In the same period, the area enriches with Movila Baths, situated on the shore of Lake Techirghiol. It is the moment when Movila-Techirghiol resort is established, in the year 1912 it becomes officially a balneotherapeutic resort.In the interwar period, the resort experiences a pronounced development and changes its name from Movila-Techirghiol into Carmen Sylva. The Eforie resort belongs to Techirghiol town until 1933.

The beach in Eforie Sud resort is not a generous one and has a 2 km length.  Due to permanent erosion, the beach of the resort has considerably narrowed in the last decades, becoming very narrow in many of its portions. The cliff of the resort is a high one, and the access on the beach is made by stairs. The erosion phenomenon affected the cliff too which collapsed in some areas. In order to protect the cliff of the resort, the local authorities have started consolidation projects.

Eforie Sud resort offers accommodation in hotels, villas and pensions, most of them situated next or right on the cliff of the resort. Many of the accommodation places are available in 2 stars hotels, hotels which were built during the communism and unrenovated: Magura Hotel, Suceava Hotel, Crisana Hotel, Riviera Hotel, Ancora Hotel, Gloria Hotel and so on. There are 3 stars hotels, some of them being recently built: Migador Hotel, Amurg Hotel. Taking into account this classification, we can say that Eforie Sud resort is one of the most affordable resorts on the Black Sea coast. The villas and pensions in Eforie Sud resort are numerous and offer good conditions as far as accommodation is concerned. This type of accommodation is preferred by most of the tourists, since many of the villas and pensions are surrounded by court yards arranged with tables, chairs and barbecue: George Cosbuc Villa, Ene Villa, Paradox Pension. Most of the restaurants and terraces from Eforie Sud resort are situated on the cliff. Here you can find excellent restaurants, cafeterias, pastries and fast-foods with a wide variety of dishes.

As all the resorts on the Black Sea coast, Eforie Sud also is ideal for aerohelitherapy and thalassotherapy. There is a treatment center in open air on the shore of Lake Techirghiol where they do mud wraps and baths inside the lake. These natural cures are recommended in the case of some affections like: rheumatic pains, dermatosis,hypothyroidism, limfatism, secondary anemia, rachitism, decalcification, chronic fatigue, physical weakness, conditions after fractures of the bones, and so on.

The beach is the most accessible mean of relaxation for the tourists who choose EForie Sud resort. Once they leave the beach, they can enjoy other several possibilities of fun and entertainment for their leisure time. The cliff of the resort is boarded by restaurants, terraces and shops which trade good and accessories for beach, toys, clothes and shoes, souvenirs. In the center of Eforie Sud resort, on the national highway, there is a commercial center which has a food store, a confectionary and souvenirs shops. If you like open air entertainment, you can buy a ticket for the Summer Theater, the right place for pop music and folk music. The small dimension entertainment park is situated on the cliff and it is a place you cannot avoid once you are with your children. For white nights The One Club is opened, the place you can have great time with your friends.

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