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EFORIE NORD is the second largest resort of Romanian seaside. Situated at about 12 km to Constanta City, on the linking route with Mangalia city, Eforie Nord  is a balneary resort which is famous not only inside the country but also abroad. Blending recreative tourism with the treatment one determines the resort to be open all seasons.The treatment centers from the resort attract every year a large number of tourists, both Romanians and foreigners, offering them modern treatments and health cures using the natural factors from the area. Being an expanding resort, Eforie Nord changes its look from one year to another. Besides the hotels and terraces which are famous in the resort, villas and pensions are appearing from one year to another, also new terraces and restaurants ready to meet the needs of the tourists.

The history of Eforie Nord resort is linked to its neighbor, Eforie Sud resort, with which it forms an administrative unit.The cornerstone was laid in 1894, when the Eforia Spitalelor Civile Organization from Bucharest built a balneotherapeutic sanatorium. Five years later, next to the sanatorium, on the seashore, they built the first accommodation unit from the area, called Movila Hotel ( at present Parc Hotel, Eforie Sud), and on the shore of Lake Techirghiol they arranged the Movila Baths. Thus it was established the Movila-Techirghiol resort. Starting with 1920 there were built numerous villas, residences and holiday houses which belonged to the elites of that period. Across the time, the resort was also called Carmen Sylva and Vasile Roaita. The Eforie resort belonged to Techirghiol locality until 1933.

The Eforie Nord resort enjoys a wide opening to the sea and a cliff whose altitude reaches even 30 meters. The beach of the resort has about 4 km length, and its width varies between 20 and 100 meters. In the Northern part of the beach there is a cliff, which is known as the perfect place for a promenade. The link between the cliff and the beach is made by some stairs. In the Southern part of the resort, the beach is wider and the access is made directly. All along the beach the entry into the sea is made smoothly, and the sand has a bigger granulation that that of Mamaia resort or Constanta. A part of the beach is arranged with chaiselongs, umbrellas and beach bars.

The Eforie Nord resort does not include many hotels, thus a large part of the accommodation psaces available in the resort are offered by villas and touristic pensions. In the last years, the resort has constantly expanded that the total of places to stay is about 19 000. The most of the hotels included in the touristic circuit were built during the communist period, and some were renovated and reclassified: Brad-Bran-Bega Complex, Belona Hotel, Astoria Hotel, Apollo Hotel, Meduza Hotel, petrolul Hotel, Minerva Hotel and so on. The Eforie Nord resort doesn have any 5 stars hotel, and the 4 stars hotels are only five: Europa Hotel, Bega Hotel, Bran Hotel, Brad Hotel and Delfinul Hotel. The most of the hotels in Eforie Nord are unities having 3 stars or 2 stars categories, which makes the resort be easily accessible.The villas and touristic pensions from Eforie Nord resort are numerous, and most of them offer very good accommodation facilities and conditions: Cube Villa, Coralis Villa, Villa casa cu eli, Diana Villa, Angely Villa, Green House Villa, Trident Villa, Roxana Pension, Stemi Pensions and so on. Due to the fact that the resort belongs to Eforie city there are also accommodation places offered by the local people yet they do not offer the same service and comfort. As for the meal, besides the restaurants which belong to the hotels, in Eforie Nord there are open during summer time numerous terraces and cafeterias, pizza restaurants and pastries where you can find dishes for all tastes and for every budget: Nunta Zamfirei Restaurant, Chandellier Restaurant, Stefanino Restaurant, Acapulco Pizza Restaurant, La Stuf Fishery, Pescarus Restaurant and so on.

In Eforie Nord resort you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the natural factors of the region inside the balneotherapeutic clinics. The treatment centers are open all year round and here you can treat of rheumatic diseases, the diseases of the peripheral nervous system, circulation disorders, dermatological disorders, obesity, respiratory diseases, sterility and rachitism. Here you cam also enjoy beauty and care treatments, using famous professional products. Two of the most modern treatment centers of Eforie Nord resort are Ana Aslan health Spa, part of Europa Hotel and Efosan clinic. The Spa programs of Ana Aslan Health Spa Center successfully blend the natural factors which are specific the resort (strong ionized air, salty water and mud of Lake Techirghiol ) with the classical procedures of treatment. The balneary treatment center is a complex one and includes hydrotherapy halls, massage cabinets (dry/wet, therapeutical, acupressure, anti cellulite and relaxation massage) ,body care saloons, kynethotherapy, electro and magneto therapy, fitness, indoor Lake Techirghiol salty water swimming pool , Jacuzzi and sauna. We remind you of the therapies that occur inside Ana Asla Health Spa Center: mud baths, hydrotherapy, kinesiology, electrotherapy, various techniques of massage, mud massage, wet or dry sauna, Vichy massage-shower, Gerovital/Aslavital injections, body therapies with volcanic stones, salty baths with algae and grapes baths. The treatments and procedures are initiated by well trained specialists, and the atmosphere of the center is beneficial for body and mind relaxation. Efosan treatment center is open all year round, and the treatments which are offered to the patients are focused mainly on rheumatism and locomotor sequalae after accidents. Besides these disorders, there can be treated successfully the circulation disorders, psoriasis, chronic eczema, neurosis, obesity, pulmonary disorders, chronic adnexitis,  , sterility and many other disorders. The treatments are based on salty water and mud procedures, kinesiology, electrotherapy of low, medium or high frequency, galvanic baths, photo therapy, ultrasoundtherapy, magneto therapy, various techniques of massage, sauna, inhalotherapy, baths with plants and oils, thermotherapy. The team at the Efosan treatment center includes well-trained nurses and doctors. You can find other treatment centers inside Traian and Petrolul hotels.

Besides the hours spent on the beach, under the rays of the sun or in the sea and its waves, Eforie Nord resort offers also other possibilities of fun and relaxation. In the resort you can find sport and minigolf fields, playgrounds for children, entertainment centers, billiard , Summer Theater , swimming pools and so on. The fans of water sports can rent sailing boats or can take diving lessons inside Europa Yacht Club, the first private leisure port in Romania. It is situated several minutes from the center of the resort, facing the beach of Europa Hotel. There are several shop complexes and bazaars in the resort, both in its center and in the cliff area. Here you can purchase goods and beach accessories (towels, swimming suits, curls, mattresses,umbrellas, lotions and so on) souvenirs as well as shoes and clothes .

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