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MANGALIA  municipality is situated at 45 km South of Constanta city and at 11 km North of Bulgaria border. Mangalia is a rapidly growing city, a clean and stylish city, which has successfully mastered the attribute of balneotherapeutic resort in the last decades. The sulphorous mesothermic springs from Mangalia are exploited in the treatment centers with recognized results in improving the skeletal system and the recovery treatments. Being mainly a municipality and then a resort, Mangalia offers the tourists many opportunities to spend free time: the beach, the museums, monuments and fortresses which present the history of the region, underwater entertainment, spectacular shows, festivals and cultural events.

The present Mangalia is situated on the famous fortress of Callatis. It was established in the VIth century BC by Greek colonists to replace a Gaetic settlement and it was at the time one of the most flourishing Greek city. Starting with the XIth century, the city bears the name of “Pangalia” and it was considered one of the most important Dobrogean harbors, next to Constanta and varna. Once the Dobrogea region was conquered by the Ottoman, the area decayed, but it gains again its radiance after 1878 when the city starts to develop. In 1930 Mangalia became a balneotherapeutic resort. After 1990, the authorities started ample projects for cultural tourism development, thus many cultural events are organized every year – Callatis Festival, The Young Actor Gala, Days and Nights of Literature Festival and so on.

The beach of Mangalia city is covered with fine sand and stretches between saturn beach and the Northern dam of Mangalia harbor. The largest width is reached in its center, having almost 120 meters. The cliff of the city borders the beach and it is used for promenades. In order to improve the confort for the tourists, certain sectors of the beach are arranged with chaiselongs and umbrellas. The safety in water is provided by lifeguard teams that are present on the beach.

As for accommodation, Mangalia city is not that developed. There is only one 4 stars hotel in the resort. It is President Hotel, a modern location, which includes in its structure in avery original way, a fragment of the Roman fortress of Callatis.  The archaeological  site discovered in this area was restored and arranged in the large hall of the hotel and in the basement of the restaurant. President Hotel hosts the Romanian Center for Business called the “Black Sea”. Besides this 4 stars hotel, there are also 3 and 2 stars hotels, some of them having been renovated in the last years. As for the meals in town, Mangalia has a diversified offer like: terraces, restaurants, fast-foods and pizza restaurants.

The natural factors for cure are the sea water, the mesothermic sulphurous springs (21-28ºC) from the North of the city and from the region of Saturn and Venus resorts, the sulphurous mud which is rich in minerals and is extracted from the swamps in the north of the city and the marine temperature which is rich is saline aerosols and solar radiation. All these have a strengthening effect on the human organism.
The resort is recommended for spending the holiday and for treatment of degenerative, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, gynaecological diseases and of certain dermatological, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrinological diseases and so on.
The resort has two modern treatment centers inside Mangalia Hotel and inside Mangalia Sanatorium.The Mangalia Hotel treatment center is equipped with installations like: four basins for kynetotherapy with sulphurous water, a section for electrotherapy, two sections for hydrotherapy, a section for pneumotherapy, medical gymnastics spaces and saloons for massage, geriatrics, laboratories for analysis and investigation, acupuncture practice, warm sea water basins and so on.

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