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"am fost 5 zile la hotel majestic din statiunea jupiter in septembrie 2019,mam simtit foarte bine ,curatenie ,mincarea gustoasa program artistic bun,gradina frumoasa ,verde peste tot,recomand cu placere si la altii acest hotel.ionica din brasov."

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JUPITER is a small dimension resort, situated at about 40 km from Constanta and at only 5 km from the city of Mangalia, which it belongs as administration. The first delightful thing in the resort is the rich vegetation which makes it even more beautiful and which, during the hot summers, provide shadow and coolness. The resort is crossed by shady streets and alleys, perfect for a promenade. Most of the restaurants, shops and terraces from Jupiter are concentrated in the Northern half of the resort, in the area of Lake Tismana. Most of the big hotels from the resort are placed close to the sea and are arranged perpendicular to the shore. In the South of the resort, there is another small resort attached to it, called Cap Aurora. Green as its neighbor resorts, Cap Aurora is a quiet and charming resort. In the area, the shore is higher then the beach, and the hotels are situated close to the sea shore. Due to its position, facilities and natural factors they offer, Jupiter and Ca Aurora resorts are ideal for relaxation and treatment cures with natural factors: marine air, salty water and sunshine.

Jupiter resort has a relatively small dimension beach in comparison with other resorts of Romanian seaside. It stretches on a length of approximately 1 km and it is crossed by several bays boarded by protection dams. The beach is narrow where these small bays “swallow” the land, being wider in the area of protection dams and to the Northern part towards the Neptun resort. Certain beach sectors are arranged with chaiselongs and umbrellas. In the area of Cap Aurora resort the beach is narrow and shaped by bays. Taking into account that the shore is higher in this area, the access on the beach is made via stairs and alleys which smoothly descend on the sand.

Despite their dimensions, Jupiter and Cap Aurora have a pretty large accommodation base. The hotels in the 2 resorts are classified at 3 or 2 stars, and many of them were renovated and modernized to meet the demands of the current tourists. Most of the hotels are real oasis of relaxation and peace, being surrounded by well-groomed greenery: Iris Complex, Nalba and Mimoza, Tismana Hotel, Majestic Hotel, Delta Hotel.In Jupiter resort, a part of the big hotels are arranged right on the seashore, perpendicular to the shore: Capitol Hotel, Meteor Hotel, Cometa Hotel and Olimpic Hotel. Cap Aurora resort offers the tourists hotels which bear the name of precious stones: Diamant Hotel, Topaz Hotel, safir Hotel, Onix Hotel, Opal Hotel. These are situated on the sea shore, very close to the beach.
Jupiter resort has sufficient restaurants, terraces, cafeterias, fast-foods and pastries that the tourists can quench their hunger with various dishes. Many of these places are situated in the Northern part of the resort, on the opposite side of the sea.

Jupiter resort is a quiet one, as well as Cap Aurora; however the means of entertainment and relaxation are not at all limited. The water sports represent an excellent alternative for those who love water. Adults have the possibility to go for a ride with the ski jet or to attend diving lessons. There is an entertainment area for children, situated on the lakes which link Jupiter to Neptun, where they can use the pedal boat which has the shape of a swan. Inside the resort there are locations where you can play billiard, bowling or table tennis. Football and volleyball fields are arranged for those who wish to have fun while practicing a sport. If you get relaxed after a walk, then you can “wander” on the shady streets and alleys of the resort or on the beach, enjoying the breeze which caresses the seashore.
While at night, you can spend great time in one of the two clubs of Jupiter resort: Mondy and Paradise Lounge and Bar.


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