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COSTINESTI RESORT is situated on the extension of Costinesti village, at about 30 km from Constanta city, between Tuzla town and Olimp resort (south). Famous as being the resort of youth, Costinesti welcomes its guests in a cheerful and very animated atmosphere. The beach of the resort is surveyed by the two symbols of the resort: the Obelisk and Evanghelia ship wreck, beached here since 1960. The resort extended a lot in the last few years, broading considerably the accommodation capacity.

The area where Costinesti resort is situated is full of history, the first evidence of habitation dating back to Iron Age. The actual history of Costinesti placement starts  back at the end of XIXth century, when general Emil Costinescu colonizes with German population the estate he has in the area, close to the sea shore. The new settlers start building 48 households on the sea shore, this marking the beginning of Costinesti village. A great part of the German settlers leave the region in 1940, when they leave Romania for Germany. The village is occupied by Romanian inhabitants who continue the development of the place. In 1949, once with the planning of a camp for students in the area of Lake Costinesti, the foundation of the resort is laid.

The beach of Costinesti resort has 1 km length, and its width varies according to its sectors. In the Obelisc area, the beach is wider, yet very busy during summer. In the North area, towards the shipwreck, the beach is narrower, covered with fine sand and boarded by a low cliff. There are also beach bars and entertainment centers, chaiselongs and umbrellas. While summer, the beach from Costinesti is the host of tv shows or the headquarters of some important radios from Romania.

In Costinesti resort you can find accommodation everywhere. The resort is crowded with hotels, pensions, villas. The resort does not have 5 stars hotels, the most luxurious locations being Vox Maris Complex, placed in a peaceful area of the resort and Stefania Hotel, situated close to the railway station, both classified as 4 stars hotels. The rest of the hotels are classified as 2 or 3 stars hotels and they were mostly built after Revolution of December 1989: Royal Hotel, Iunona Hotel, Pierre Hotel, Intim Hotel, White Inn Hotel, Tiberius Hotel, Cris Hotel, Atena Hotel, Haris Hotel and so on. Forum Hotel, a symbol of the resort is one of the few hotels built before the 90’s. The resort has enriched itself with numerous villas and pensions, which offer very good accommodation conditions. Young people can find cheap accommodation solutions inside villas and pensions which have several beds rooms: Costel and Mirela Villa, Bel Air Hotel. Besides the restaurants of the hotels, Costinesti resort has many locations where tourists can have meal. Pizza restaurants, terraces, fast-foods, restaurants and pastries, they all offer various dishes to appease your hunger.

Fun is the watchword in Costinesti resort. If during the day most of the tourists crowd themselves on the beach, the restaurants and clubs are packed starting with the evening until dawn. Effervescent parties and “explosive” concerts are organized each evening inside Ring, Tineretului, Midnight and Panoramic clubs. For those who prefer quieter means of entertainment the Summer Theater is available, location where pop music and folk music concerts are organized. A walk in the resort will lead you among souvenir stalls, shops with beach accessories and commercial centers. Several sport fields are available in the resort, and fans of water sports can rent sailing boats from the centers on the beach. The diving amateurs can explore the underwater world around the shipwreck, renting the right equipment from centers on the beach.

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