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Sea fishing – Horse mackerel

Sea fishing – Horse mackerel


Horse mackerel (Trachurus Mediterraneus Ponticus)

The horse mackerel fishing can be practiced both on shore and by boat.
The horse mackerel is a reef fish which can be caught near the shore on august-septembrie (there are some exceptions too).
The fishing equipment needed for catching horse mackerel is:

  • 3,50-5,00m low action longline;
  • maximum 30 hand spinners;
  • high transparency 0,22mm lines;
  • rig consisting of a maximum 10 hooks, 6 to spur large reversed with white flake, SARS, goose, about 0.18 mm and 7-10cm long transparent wire, with a 30-50g fusiform lead.

Better horse mackerel fishing area are the harbor’s piers:

  • Midia southern and northern piers;
  • Agigea southern and norther piers.
  • Petromar Terminal beach;
  • Navodari beach;
  • Vama Veche beach

The sea can provide the following fish species:

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