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Sea fishing - Sea Dog Shark (Squalus Acanthias)

Sea fishing - Sea Dog Shark (Squalus Acanthias)


Sea Dog Shark (Squalus Acanthias)

It is one of the most fierce predators from the Black Sea. A good swimmer also due to it’s hydrodynamic form, dark ash colouredon the dorsal and white on the abdomen. It has a size between 40-60 cm and wheight between10-15 kg. It can be found the open sea up to 100 meters deep, very rarely closing near the shore or less than 10 meters depth.

Feeding eith small, sick, wounded fishes shellfishes and do not forget that it is a scavenger fish. It can be caught ony by boat with longlines, tethers and nets and also with very stron longlines of 1,5-2 m long with 300-500 gtop action, multiplying hand spinners or overt 1mm monofilament thick wire egg-better, and 6/0-9/0 eyelet hooks.

Due to the shark’s strong teething the hooks must be tied with at least 30 cm metal strings. Heavy leads will be used, between 200-400 g, due to very strong sea currents. The used baits for catching sharks are little fishes, light colour (bacaliar, bluefish,skinned bullhead), meat, ogands or fish chunks. No special tehnique si neccessary, he pulls by itself. It is a good fighter, on free edge boats a handle hook must be used. If a female is cathed many times the baby shark is droped. The ideal period for shark fishing is between July until September.

Areas where most sharks were caught:

  • Gura Portitei 10-15 miles;
  • Marine digging platforms;
  • Constanta Harbor;
  • Tuzla Cape 40-50 m depth;
  • Mangalia 70-80 m depth.

If you never caught a shark it is recommended to be attended by a experienced fisherman The minimum size accepted by the law for keeping the catch is of 100 cm.

The sea can provide the following fish species:

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