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Sea fishing – the mullet and the laban

Sea fishing – the mullet and the laban

The mullet fishing is a nobil according to two apects:

  • - it is clean, the fish is a good fighter and also very tasty;
  • - it is an expensive fishing, performant equipment is needed

By the beginning of October in order to catch a mullet usually you must have hooks with long no.1 or no. 2 stem composed, spherical floating green lead (for places with stone) or rocket form (for places with sand) between 80-120g, using high-action rods (100-300g) with lengths between 3.50 to 4.50m. The 40-60 large drum reels with transparent thread between 0.22 to 0.28 mm (150m) and a whip (forwarding) of 10-15m and 0.35-0.40 mm also high transparency. You can also catch it in the basin by the fall of August-September with simple rod (5-8m) with an easy mount, 0.18 to 0.25 mm wire, 1.5-2g cork long hooks no. 6-8 with long foot.

pescuitul la chefal si laban

Mullet species known in the area are:

  • - ilarie (under 100g);
  • - ostrainos (over-250g);
  • - mullet (over 250g).

The main bait in mullets and labans recreational fishing is the sea worm which can be found in sandy or swampy areas bordering the Black Sea. Black shell found after the storm can be used also on a 7-8m long rod.

pescuitul la chefal si laban

In July-October the labans is rarely catchedon cherry-rotten floating bait

The best mullet fishing area are:

  • St. George Beach (sea worm can’t be found here);
  • North from Gura Portitei;
  • Vadu beach;
  • Petromar Terminal beach;
  • Midia Harbor’s northern and southern pier;;
  • Midia Harbor basin (one of the best areas);
  • Navodari beach;
  • Cazino Mamaia (the slide area);
  • The Fishery pier (both to Mamaia and the basin);
  • Tomis Harbor and Modern Beach (accidentally);
  • Constanta Harbor’s basins (in august and september, on simple rod);
  • 6th Gate Isle;
  • Eforie Nord – T star pier near Steaua de Mare area;
  • Belona’s beach and basin;
  • ''Abandoned sanatorium'' beach;
  • Tuzla Lighthouse (5-12 kg labans can be catched in May);
  • Costinesti the shipwreck area;
  • Mangalia, Southern pier, inside and outside the basin;
  • Vama Veche beach, 1 km up to the border.

The sea can provide the following fish species:

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