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Sea fishing – bullhead and hanus

Sea fishing – bullhead and hanus


The bullhead can reach 10-20cm lenght.

According to the living area the bullhead got colour and form features. The black bullhead lives through dark caves formed by the stabilopods near the piers. The bullheads looking for food on the sandy sea bottom are lighterm grey-white coloured, and bthe back flipper is more developed.

The bullhead’s food is small shells that are fully swallowed, broken shell meat, fish meat.


For bullheads fishing, on the piers, we will usde 0,30-0,40 wires, 2-4 hooks and as bait we can use meat pieces, bullhead parts, white or black shell, beaf, and chicken meat.

For those who doesn’t know the sea bottom it si better to be prepared with more than one bait due to rupture wires.

The sea can provide the following fish species:

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