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Tourist spotsMamaia

Aqua Magic Mamaia

The water park AQUA MAGIC is placed at the southern entrance of Mamaia resort, close to Telegondola station. The access in the water park is not made via the main boulevard of the resort, but via the parking area which is placed between Perla and Aurora hotels. Built on an impressive surface and having a capacity of 3000 seats, the Aqua Magic park was opened in 2003, and it’s the place where relaxing and fun can be enjoyed at maximum. Aqua Magic is provided with 14 modern water installations due to which a day spent inside will be unforgettable.
Waterplayground and Baby Pool are the main attractions in the area dedicate...

Ovid Island

The Ovid Island on Siutghiol Lake is one of the places that exerts true attraction to the tourists who arrive in Mamaia resort. Along the centuries, the small piece of land has stirred the curiosity and imagination of the people, who have woven a series of legends. One of these stories is connected to the origin of the name of the island. They say that, while he was exiled, the Latin poet Ovidius Publius Naso retired on this small piece of land in order to write his poems, thus the island was named with his name. In fact, the specialists have not found any proof to attest the presence of the poet on this small island of Lake Si...

The Pontoon

The Pontoon Mamaia is a tourist attraction opened in early 2013 summer season. The construction starts on the beach, next to Victoria hotel, great finishes in a distance of about 500 meters and ends with a jetty. From this point visitors can board the ships that made regular trips over the sea. On the pontoon installed benches visitors can admire the waves and enjoy the cool breeze of the coast. The pier is lighted at night from top to bottom, which will allow you to venture into a night ride over the waves of the sea line. We recommend a walk on the pier in Mamaia as a method of relaxation after a day...

The Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a popular place among tourists who spend their holiday in Mamaia resort. Situated in the South of the resort, between Lakes Tabacariei and Siutghiol, this place is ideal for those who look for fun and joy.

Initially, The Holiday Village was conceived as a complex of restaurants which would bring together the culinary specific of different Romanian provinces. That is why, almost all the locals situated in the Holiday Village have suggestive names: Casa Prahoveana, Casa Valceana, Casa Dobrogeana, Casa Argeseana). Over time, besides these ‘’Houses ‘’ there have been opened...

Telegondola Mamaia

It was opened on July, the 16th, 2004 and from that moment it became a symbol of Mamaia resort. Thanks to this modern installation, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sensations a journey across Mamaia resort can offer. A ride with Telegondola takes 8 minutes and it takes place on a length of about 2 km between Perla Hotel and the Casino, on both directions. While taking the ride, the red and yellow cabins float on an altitude of maximum 50 meters, passing across the highest hotels.
Comfortably sitting on the seats inside telegondola, you will breathlessly admire extraordinary views of the Black Sea, Constanta and Mamaia resort. The ride with...

Tourist spots from other resorts

The Buried Church of Istria


Istria is a village located about 55 kilometers north of Constanta. The access to the village can be made through municipal road that emerges from the E87 highway, linking Constanta and Tulcea. Many of us Istria is known to us through the Histria fortress, which is located 8 kilometers from the village, on the shores of Lake Sinoe. Few of us know, however, that the town "hides" a tremendous historical and architectural treasure. It's about the Buried Church, unique in the country in terms of used architecture and construction techniques.
The monument dates from the beginning of the ...

The Memorial House of Panai Cerna

The Memorial House of Panait Cerna is located in the center area of Cerna village situated 55 km from Tulcea and 26 kilometers from the city of Macin on the road heading to Braila.
The museum was founded in 1966 when the poet's childhood home was donated to the local authorities by his younger brother. Visiting the exhibition, you will enter the atmosphere of the old house and household and you get acquainted with interesting details of the poet's life.
In three of the rooms an exhibition dedicated to Panait Cerna is arranged, it features biographical data, copies of the photos, ...

St Nicholas Cathedral Tulcea

Located in the central area of Tulcea city, the St Nicholas Cathedral is an imposing monument built in the Byzantine style which attracts believers and tourists passing by every day. Built over a century, St. Nicholas Cathedral has witnessed transformations that the city has suffered throughout history. The aproval construction document of the cathedral was signed by Bishop Dionysius of Durostor in 1862 and the church was built on the site of older churches, built by the romanian refugee of Bestepe village, today the village is located about 25 kilometers east of Tulcea . For a lont timeg, the new chu...

The Argamum Stronghold

A true treasure of history, the first settlement of our country mentioned in ancient documents, Argamum Stronghold (late sixth century BC). The fortress is located on Lake Razelm, near the Jurilovca, access to the stronghold can be made by E87 linking Constanta to Tulcea. Until reaching the city you can enjoy the beauty of the Jurilovca village a special place populated by lipovans. Tourists who arrive in these lands remain pleasantly surprised by the picturesque area.

Returning to the Argamum stronghold, it was founded by Greek colonists from Minor Asia, by mid-...

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