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Informatii suplimentare despre rutele de transport catre litoral

Additional information about the routes to the coast

Constanta and the resorts on the Romanian Black Sea coast are connected to the rest of the country through a modern infrastructure. Depending on the area from which you want to move to the coast, you have several routes that will take you to your desired destination. In the following lines we will present the most popular routes that bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the coast every year:

1. The A2 Sun Highway is the main artery that connects the Romanian coast with the rest of the country. Starting with 2012, the A2 Motorway makes a direct connection between Constanta and Bucharest for a total distance of 202 kilometers and represents the best option for tourists coming to the coast from Muntenia, Ardeal, Maramures and Banat.

The entrance to the Sun Highway is made from Bucharest no matter what the country looks like. Here the A2 Motorway takes all the traffic to the coast, considerably shortening the journey time and its quality. Throughout, the highway is littered with parking lots and gas stations. As you know the traffic regime on the highway is a special one, so that on this route drivers can drive in legality up to 130 km / hour. For the moment, a freeway tax has not been imposed, the drivers having to pay only the bridge tax over the Danube, near Fetesti, on both directions.

2.To make it easier to reach the resorts in the south of the coast, tourists have at their disposal from the summer of 2012 a new road artery: the A4 motorway. Being thought of as a bypass belt of Constanta, A4 connects the city of Ovidiu, located in the north of Constanta, and the town of Agigea, located in the south. A4 has a length of about 20 kilometers and intersects with the Sun Highway on the right of exit to Constanta.

3. The E60 road connects Bucharest and Constanta on the route: Urziceni - Slobozia - Tandarei - Giurgeni - Harsova - Mihail Kogalniceanu - Ovidiu - Constanta (Mamaia). This route has a total length of 268 kilometers and can be traveled in about 3 hours, depending on the traffic conditions. This route is a good option for tourists from the south of Moldova and from the north and northeast of Muntenia. From the E60 road you can easily reach the resorts south of the coast if you are on the A4 Motorway at the entrance to Ovidiu.

4. The E87 road is the road that connects Braila, Tulcea and Constanta on the Macin - Tulcea - Babadag - Baia -Mihail Kogalniceanu - Ovidiu - Constanta (Mamaia) route. The distance between Braila and Constanta is 220 kilometers and can be traveled in about 3 hours, depending on the traffic conditions. From Constanta the E87 road provides access to all the resorts in the south of the coast on the route: Constanta - Agigea - Eforie - Tuzla - 23 August - Mangalia - Vama Veche. In order to avoid the agglomeration inside Constaneti, at the entrance to Ovidiu, tourists have the opportunity to take the A4 Motorway to reach the southern coast much easier. Coming from the E87 road near Lumina, tourists can reach Navodari (24 km), Corbu (28 km) and Vadu (35 km). In the same localities you can reach it if you cross the Mamaia resort and continue the road to Navodari through Mamaia Sat. At the entrance to the city of Navodari you will be greeted with road signs that will guide you to Corbu and Vadu, areas with still unspoilt beaches.

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