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Inland transport on the coast

Inland transport on the coast

Transport intern pe litoral


If you are traveling without a car in Constanta you should have no worries! The public transport service inside the city is very well organized. The Constanta train station is the end of the line for most of the public transport routes, but also a transit point for the means of transport starting from other areas of the city. The city's neighborhoods, Mamaia resort and some neighboring localities "communicate" through the network of buses and minibuses that constantly circulate through all areas of the municipality.

The Autonomous Administration Constanța Transporturi is the main public transport company in Constanța. Buses R.A.T.C. covers 22 routes, with a total length of about 270 kilometers.

If you want to get to Mamaia by bus, then you must know that you have 5 lines R.A.T.C. that will take you to your destination.


You can't miss the double-decker buses that cross Constanta under the name of CONSTANTA CITY TOUR! Like the tourist buses from the big European cities, they start from Constanta Station and will take you on a beautiful journey to the north of the resort of Mamaia, Barrels area (Hotel Caraiman). City Tour buses include in their route important tourist objectives from Constanta city and Mamaia resort: Museum of Popular Art, Museum of History and Archeology, Romanian mosaic building, Carol I Mosque, "Ion Jalea" Museum, Casino, Aquarium, Genoa Lighthouse, The tourist port "Tomis", the Holiday Village, Aqua Magic, the Mamaia Casino, the dock that connects with Ovidiu Island.

The special Constanta City Tour runs only during the summer season, between 9.30am and 8.00pm, with a frequency of 30 minutes, both on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays.


Bus 40 has as a starting point the Constanta Train Station and arrives in the Pescarie area, a few steps from the southern entrance to the Mamaia resort. The route has a length of about 13 kilometers and is crossed in about 50 minutes. On the bus route you will meet the following touristic objectives: Fantasio Theater, Map of ancient settlements in Dobrogea, Art Museum, Dolphinarium, Planetarium and Microreservation Center, "Lake View" entertainment center.

LINE 100

The bus route 100 starts in front of Constanta Train Station and ends at the entrance to the Holiday Village, on the side with Hotel Oxford. The distance between the two ends of the line is crossed in about 40 minutes. The bus has a stop in front of one of the largest shopping centers in the city, City Mall, an ideal location for shopping and entertainment. Near the shopping center is the Tobacco Park, an oasis of greenery that stretches until you enter the Holiday Village.


100E is a bus that runs only in the summer season. The bus crosses the following route: Constanta Train Station - Holiday Village - Caraiman Hotel (the northern entrance to Mamaia resort, Butoaie area). The main objectives of tourist interest located on the 100E bus route are: City Mall Shopping Center, Tabacariei Park, Holiday Village, Telegondola and Aqua Magic Park, Casino and the dock connecting with Ovidiu Island.


Bus 102E runs only during the summer season on the Depou C.E.T. - Str. Soveja - Dolphinarium - Fishery - Mamaia - Butoaie Zone (Caraiman Hotel, North of the resort). During the journey, the bus stops near the following objectives of tourist interest: City Mall, Wooden Church of St. Mina, Dolphinarium, Planetarium, Microrezervatie, Holiday Village, Telegondola and Aqua Magic, Casino, the pier that connects with Ovidiu Island.


The one-way ticket costs 1.75 Lei, and for a two-way ticket you will pay 3.5 lei. These rates apply for trips within the city, except for the Mamaia resort and the neighboring localities.

In the case of Constanta City Tour races, the price of a trip is 4 lei per person, and the tickets are purchased only by bus.

You can also opt for one of the 2 types of subscriptions specially designed for tourists:

  • 24 hour subscription for all lines, worth 5 Lei.
  • 7 days subscription for all lines, worth 24 Lei.

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