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MAMAIA  is the largest and best known resort on Romanian Riviera. Located in the northern part of the seaside, Mamaia has a privileged position. The resort is attached to Constanta city and separates Lake Siutghiol of the Black Sea. The preferred destination of tourists during summer, Mamaia has been the subject of an ample process of modernization, gaining a beautiful western air. The palm trees, spectacular fountains, fashionable events and sensational shows, restaurants and luxurious clubs, quite terraces, promenade areas, Water Park, telegondola and entertainment centers, all these facilities make Mamaia a resort of fine taste, entertainment and relaxation.

The story of Mamaia resort starts in 1905, when the building of the first touristic locations starts on the strip of land between the sea and Lake Siutghiol. The resort was inaugurated one year later, on the 22nd of August. The small resort, popularly called “sea baths”, became shortly an oasis of peace and relaxation for the elites of the time, as well as for the royal family, being visited by a record number of tourists. In order to facilitate the access in the resort, the authorities at the time build a railway which links Mamaia to Constanta station, on the present route of Mamaia Boulevard. The resort rapidly “flourishes” in the interwar period when it becomes famous abroad. It is the moment when the first important buildings of the period appear, and we remember now the Cara-Dalga Castle, the summer residence of the royal family, Albatros Villa (the first accommodation unit from seaside) and Rex Hotel. The second hotel on the seaside, called Bucuresti (Iaki at present time) is built towards the ending of the 50’s. Mamaia continues to develop fast in the communist era, when many of the hotels are being built: Patria, National, Dorna, Bicaz, Astoria, Riviera, Metropol, Majestic, Mercur, Minerva, etc. In the 80’s Mamaia continues to develop and becomes a paradise for the tourists of the former soviet block. The 90’s bring a decline of the resort, but over the years Mamaia regains its title as “The Pearl of Romanian seaside”.

Mamaia resort was gifted with one of the largest beaches in the whole Europe. This streteches on a distance of almost 10 km, between Constanta and Navodari city, and its width reaches almost 200m. The beach is covered with fine sand, without excessive stones and shells, and the entry in the sea is done smoothly, the depth of the sea growing gradually on a rather long distance. For safety reasons, the protection and comfort of the tourists, there are lifeguard centers arranged on the beach, first aid tents, public toilets and sites of selective collection of waste. A large part of the beach is arranged with chaiselongs and umbrellas which you can enjoy by paying a fee, but there are areas where you can enjoy them for free. The beach is crowded with beach bars and terraces, the perfect places where you can hide from the heat next to a cocktail or an ice coffee.

Mamaia is the largest resort of the Romanian seaside, and this mirrors in its accommodation capacity. There are over 70 hotels and villas which have till 5 stars offering approximately 30 thousand places to stay. The popularity the resort enjoys created and adequate environment for building new accommodation places, thus in the last few years beside the traditional hotels new buildings have appeared, which offer very good conditions for accommodation: Mailbu Hotel, Florida Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel, Laguna Hotel, Club California Hotel, Del Mar Hotel, Richmond Hotel and so on. In order to keep up pace with modernization of the resort, the old hotels themselves were renovated, many of them acquiring an elegant air and full of refinement: Vega Hotel, Rex Hotel, Iaki Hotel, Flora Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, Palas Hotel, Mercur-Minerva complex and so on. Since the tastes and requirements of the tourists grow from one season to the other, more and more hotels designed spaces for treatment and relaxation with swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers, sport fields, beauty and massage saloons where the tourists can relax and can enjoy modern treatments: Iaki Hotel, Vega Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel, Rex Hotel, Mamaia Hotel, Savoy Hotel and others. As long as you find yourself in Mamaia resort you don’t need to worry about what and where you eat. There are plenty of restaurants and terraces, many of them being placed on the one side and the other of the cliff. From fast-foods and ice cream shops until “pretentious” restaurants. Mamaia has them all. You can eat from various cuisines: Lebanese, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek or even French, and, most important you can eat being saturated no matter the budget you have.

If your seaside holiday doesn’t limit itself only to the chaiselong, Mamaia resort is the perfect destination. The resort offers the tourists a multitude of possibilities regarding fun and leisure time, no matter the money in your pocket. The recreational centers are an inexhaustible source of entertainment for those who love water sports, in Mamaia resort exist many such centers both on the sea shore and the lake shore. The tourists can enjoy the pedal boat, parachute lifting, windsurfing and yachting, banana towing, ski jet promenades, nautical ski, diving and sailing boat rides. The Ovidiu Island is one of the right places for relaxation. Wrapped by legends of the past, the island is today a wonderful touristic complex which contains a restaurant, accommodation places and a wonderful garden. You can reach the island by boat which leaves the Casino area at set intervals. Aqua Magic is another attraction of the resort which offers fun at its best.
Inaugurated in 2003, Aqua Magic is the first park in the country which offers the tourists modern water installations. The telegondola in the resort is a means of transport which allows you to admire the surroundings for 7 minutes from 50 m altitude, on a 2 km distance. The Holiday Village is the place where you can find souvenirs stalls, shopping galleries and Romanian cuisine restaurants, which are designed as small houses from different Romanian regions. The “Luna” entertainment park is the destination for fun and amusement which you can avoid once you are spending your holiday in Mamaia. Full of games and colored lights, the park offers installations which are adjusted to all ages. There are plenty of sport fields in Mamaia resort, many of them being functional during winter time. You can challenge your friends to a football  or tennis game on the fields of Iaki , Oxford, Mamaia or Palm Beach hotels and also in the IDU complex or Sen. There are volley ball fields arranged on the beach which you can enjoy for free. A walk on the cliff is a relaxation method available to everyone. Closed to cars traffic, the cliff of the resort is bordered by terraces and beautiful hotels, green areas, shopping galleries, souvenir shops and the fine sand beach. The most famous walking areas are those from Perla and Casino areas. There are gardens with benches for rest and artesian wells in Perla area. Here you can find also the Summer Theater, a place where entertainment shows and concerts occur all along the summer time. In the area of Casino a spectacular artesian well can be found, beautifully lit at night. The tourists can walk through the water jets or they can rest on the benches which border the small square. The Casino area is the place where open air shows and thematic parades take place. The night clubs in Mamaia resort are famous for their effervescence and elegance. You can have fun till dawn at unique parties, organized in their own style by the clubs in the resort. Trips to various attractions from Dobrogea are organized by the travel agencies or hotels and they offer you the chance to find out details about the culture and customs of the place.

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