Navona-Residence Villa Saturn

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Air conditioning

350 meters from the beach, Corneliu Coposu str , no 12A, Saturn See the map

Description Navona-Residence villa



Did you know that for reservations at Villa Navona-Residence Saturn you can receive a credit equivalent to 2% of the reservation value if you make the reservation logged into your account on the website?

Hotel facilities


Room facilities

EACH room is equipped with:
- a small kitchen equipped with a stove, fridge and dishes.
- non stop hot water, bathroom with tub;
- cable TV
- internet connection

Other specificatios

Check-in: 18:00Check-out: 12:00

For this hotel you need to pay a city tax at reception worth 5 lei /adult/day


The villa owns a private parking lot in the courtyard.
On the terrace you can find a grill and barbeque.

Reservations are not possible at this unit.

Frequent questions for Navona-Residence Villa Saturn

The following types of rooms are available for this hotel :
Reservations made at this hotel can be paid in cash according to the specifications on the invoice, by bank transfer in the agency's accounts, online with the card or with holiday vouchers (holiday vouchers).
No, the hotel does not have its own restaurant.
At this hotel the tourists can stay starting with the hour 18:00 , and the maximum check-out time is 12:00
Guests staying at Navona-Residence Villa can benefit from the following facilities
Yes, you can pay with both vouchers and a holiday card.
Most recent reservation at Navona-Residence Villa: 15.01.2024 at 15:57

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