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Roman Costinesti 3 stars is located in Schitu and has free WiFi, terrace and garden. The rooms are provided with a balcony.

Air conditioning

Schitu, Costinesti, Paltinilor 36 street See the map

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Roman Costinesti 3 stars is located in Schitu and has free WiFi, terrace and garden. The rooms are provided with a balcony.

Did you know that for reservations at Rooms Roman Costinesti you can receive a credit equivalent to 2% of the reservation value if you make the reservation logged into your account on the website?

Hotel facilities

Wi-Fi internet
Air conditioning


Room facilities

The rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV, air conditioning and have a balcony.

Other specificatios

Check-in: 00:00Check-out: 00:00


There is no private parking available.

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Frequent questions for Roman Rooms Costinesti

The following types of rooms are available for this hotel :
- Dubla Superiora
- Camera De Familie
Reservations made at this hotel can be paid in cash according to the specifications on the invoice, by bank transfer in the agency's accounts, online with the card or with holiday vouchers (holiday vouchers).
No, the hotel does not have its own restaurant.
At this hotel the tourists can stay starting with the hour 00:00 , and the maximum check-out time is 00:00
Guests staying at Roman Rooms can benefit from the following facilities
Yes, you can pay with both vouchers and a holiday card.
Most recent reservation at Roman Rooms: 04.03.2023 at 22:50

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