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Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp

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Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp
Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp

Balea hotel description

Balea Hotel (3 stars): is located close to the railway station, 1 km from the center of the resort and 400 m to “La steaguri” beach. The hotel has 5 floors and offers accommodation in 323 double rooms, day bar, exchange house and parking lot. 

Rooms facilities

The rooms have their own bathroom, balcony (partially), TV inside the floor rooms and fridge for a charge with limited availability.


Free of charge services: touristic information, keeping valuables, wake-up call, message delivery, information regarding the means of transport.
Services for a charge: Local, interurban, international phone services, renting entertaining games, selling merchandise: souvenirs, newspapers, post cards, trip organization.


Pets are allowed
Air conditioning

Other specificatios

check-in: 18:00 | check-out: 12:00

Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp - 2020 SPECIAL OFFERS

Special offer: Last Minute Neptun-Olimp

Standard accommodation rates for summer 2019


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You can make reservation at Balea Hotel Neptun-Olimp by phone 0241 488 206

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Neptun resort, 400 mrters of the beach


Plopilor str.


100m-500m from beach

Reviews about Balea hotel

Reviews and comments

Cleaning 4
Services 4
Positioning 3
Staff 4
Features 3
Rate quality ration 4
from 5 points


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