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Albatros Hotel Mamaia

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Added by cuplu at: 29/01/2013

Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia
Albatros Hotel Mamaia

Albatros hotel description

Albatros Hotel (3 stars) is located close to Casino area, in the vicinity of Condor Hotel, several meters from the beach. It is open all year round and it offers good accommodation conditions in the 43 rooms and apartments it has. The restaurant of the hotel has 100 seats capacity and it serves Romanian and international dishes. Besides the accommodation and meal facilities, Albatros Mamaia Hotel also has a terrace, a bar, a pizza-restaurant and a parking lot.

Hotel facilities

-33 double rooms, 5 apartments, 5 single rooms
- Restaurant, bar, terrace, pizza restaurant
- indoor garden
- conference room
- parking lot

Rooms facilities

All the rooms and suites inside Albatros Mamaia Hotel have bathroom, tv set, tv cable, minibar, air conditioning.


Room service, internet, parking lot, safe, laundry, courier service, free access for pets, free accommodation for children under 12 in the room with parents. The conference room has 32 seats capacity and is fully equipped.
Pets are allowed without charge inside the hotel and must be accompanied by their updated health book.


Pets are allowed
Conference room
Air conditioning

Other specificatios

check-in: 18:00 | check-out: 12:00

Standard accommodation rates for summer 2019


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You can make reservation at Albatros Hotel Mamaia by phone 0241 488 206

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central part of the resort, 50 meters from the beach




0m-100m from beach

Reviews about Albatros hotel

Reviews and comments

Cleaning 4
Services 3
Positioning 5
Staff 4
Features 3
Rate quality ration 3
from 5 points





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