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Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord

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Rhodos Eforie Nord Hotel ( 3 stars)  is located in Acapulco-Debarcader area, at about 190 m away from the beach, Completely renovated in 2009, Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord is one of the most modern h ... Continue reading

Air conditioning

190 meters from the beach, 905530 See the map

Description Rhodos hotel

Rhodos Eforie Nord Hotel ( 3 stars)  is located in Acapulco-Debarcader area, at about 190 m away from the beach, Completely renovated in 2009, Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord is one of the most modern hotels in the resort. Hosted by a 3 floors building, the hotel provides you with 36 double rooms which are equipped with air conditioning, minibar, free internet and bathroom. The hotel does not have its own restaurant,  yet you will find various opportunities to serve meal in the area. The hotel also has a parking lot, reception saloon and 24 /24h reception desk.

Did you know that for reservations at Hotel Rhodos Eforie Nord you can receive a credit equivalent to 2% of the reservation value if you make the reservation logged into your account on the Litoralulromanesc.ro website?

Hotel facilities

- 65 double rooms
- 2 hall for leisure on each floor
- Central heating, air conditioning
- Reception saloon, 24/24h reception desk
- Parking lot


Room facilities

The rooms inside Rhodos Eforie Nord hotel are equipped with: air conditioning, bathroom with shower cabin and hairdryer, LCD tv with cable, minibar, internet, telephone, card access into the rooms, new furniture, tiled balconies on 1st and 2nd floors.

Other specificatios

Check-in: 16:00Check-out: 12:00

For this hotel you need to pay a city tax at reception worth 3 lei /adult/day


24h reception desk, reception saloon ad parking lot.

Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord - 2023 SPECIAL OFFERS

Special Offer: Free Vacation Days Eforie Nord

Offer expires in days

"Platesti 6 nopti si stai 7"

Oferta este valabila pentru orice sejur de minim 6 nopti desfasurat in perioadele 01.06-30.06 si 01.09-15.09 si se aplica doar la cazare, la noaptea cea mai ieftina. Micul dejun se achita pe intregul sejur.

Oferta Zile Gratuite se cumuleaza cu Oferta Inscrieri Timpurii.

Standard accommodation rates for summer - 2023

Tarife de cazare si masa pentru sezonul estival 2023
Perioada Camera dubla standard Camera dubla superioara Camera tripla
cazare MD DP PC cazare MD DP PC cazare MD DP PC
01.06-15.06 202 Lei 291 Lei 417 Lei 543 Lei 224 Lei 314 Lei 440 Lei 566 Lei 269 Lei 403 Lei 529 Lei 655 Lei
16.06-22.06 228 Lei 319 Lei 445 Lei 571 Lei 262 Lei 353 Lei 479 Lei 605 Lei 308 Lei 445 Lei 571 Lei 697 Lei
23.06-30.06 232 Lei 325 Lei 451 Lei 577 Lei 267 Lei 360 Lei 486 Lei 612 Lei 313 Lei 452 Lei 578 Lei 704 Lei
01.07-06.07 283 Lei 378 Lei 504 Lei 630 Lei 319 Lei 413 Lei 539 Lei 665 Lei 378 Lei 519 Lei 645 Lei 771 Lei
07.07-14.07 x 432 Lei 558 Lei 684 Lei x 480 Lei 606 Lei 732 Lei x 576 Lei 702 Lei 828 Lei
15.07-20.07 x 484 Lei 610 Lei 736 Lei x 566 Lei 692 Lei 818 Lei x 673 Lei 799 Lei 925 Lei
21.07-20.08 x 492 Lei 618 Lei 744 Lei x 576 Lei 702 Lei 828 Lei x 684 Lei 810 Lei 936 Lei
21.08-31.08 324 Lei 420 Lei 546 Lei 672 Lei 372 Lei 468 Lei 594 Lei 720 Lei 456 Lei 600 Lei 726 Lei 852 Lei
01.09-09.09 209 Lei 302 Lei 428 Lei 554 Lei 255 Lei 348 Lei 474 Lei 600 Lei 325 Lei 464 Lei 590 Lei 716 Lei
10.09-14.09 202 Lei 291 Lei 417 Lei 543 Lei 246 Lei 336 Lei 462 Lei 588 Lei 314 Lei 448 Lei 574 Lei 700 Lei

Tarifele sunt pe noapte, pentru sejur de minim 3 nopti, si includ cazare pentru 2 persoane in camera dubla standard/camera dubla superioara renovata si pentru 3 persoane in camera tripla, parcare (in limita disponibilitatii) si servicii de masa conform tabelului de mai sus.

MD - Mic dejun (bufet suedez) - 46 lei/zi/persoana (se serveste in restaurantul hotelului).
DP - Demipensiune -  mic dejun+fisa cont de 110 lei/camera dubla/camera/tripla.
PC - Pensiune completa - mic dejun+fisa cont de 220 lei/camera dubla/camera/tripla.
Fisa cont se poate consuma in Restaurantul Acapulco.

Facilitati copii camera dubla:

- 2 adulti si 1 copil 0-4.99 ani - beneficiaza de cazare si mic dejun gratuit, fara pat suplimentar.
- 2 adulti si 1 copil 5-11.99 ani  - beneficiaza de gratuitate la cazare, fara pat suplimentar, dar achita mic dejun 46 lei/zi. 
- 2 aduli si 2 copii (1 copil 0-4.99 ani, 1 copil 0-17.99 ani), se pot caza in camera tripla.
- 2 adulti si 2 copii (1 copil 5-6.99 ani, 1 copil 0-17.99 ani), se pot caza in camera tripla, copilul 5-6.99 ani achita mic dejun 46 lei/zi.
- 3 adulti si 1 copil 0-4.99 ani, se pot caza in camera tripla, copilul beneficiaza de gratuitate la cazare si mic dejun.
- 3 adulti si 1 copil 5-6.99 ani, se pot caza in camera tripla, copilul achita mic dejun 46 lei/zi.
Nu se amplaseaza pat suplimentar in camerele duble.
Capacitate maxima camera dubla standard/camera dubla superioara: 2 adulti si 1 copil 0-11.99 ani.
Capacitate maxima camera tripla: 3 adulti si 1 copil 0-6.99 ani.

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Frequent questions for Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord

The following types of rooms are available for this hotel :
- Camera dubla standard
- Camera tripla
- Camera dubla superioara
Reservations made at this hotel can be paid in cash according to the specifications on the invoice, by bank transfer in the agency's accounts, online with the card or with holiday vouchers (holiday vouchers).
No, the hotel does not have its own restaurant.
At this hotel the tourists can stay starting with the hour 16:00 , and the maximum check-out time is 12:00
Guests staying at Rhodos Hotel can benefit from the following facilities
Yes, you can pay with both vouchers and a holiday card.
Why to choose Rhodos Hotel Eforie Nord ? Find out what other customers have said. Rhodos Hotel from Eforie Nord has the grade of 7.9 out of 37 reviews.
Most recent reservation at Rhodos Hotel: 07.06.2023 at 08:49

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