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Arta Hotel Eforie Nord

2 stele 2 stele

Online Tourism Fair offer Last Minute Seaside for everybody

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Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord
Arta Hotel Eforie Nord

Arta hotel description

Arta Hotel ( 2 stars) is situated in the vicinity of Summer Theater, 200 m away from the center of the resort and 150 m away from the famous Belona beach. Completely renovated in 2008, Arta Eforie Nord Hotel offers you accommodation in 42 double rooms, which will remind you of your home.

Hotel facilities

- 42 double rooms
- terrace, garden
- Central heating, parking lot
- Wireless internet

Hotel facilities

The rooms inside Arta hotel have the following facilities:, bathroom, french balcony, tv, internet, permanent hot water, PVC windows, carpets on the floor, new furniture.
The fridge is in the hall, one fridge for 8 rooms.


The hotel offers you the following services: fax, keeping valuables safe, payment by card.



Other specificatios

check-in: 18:00 | check-out: 12:00

Arta Hotel Eforie Nord - 2020 SPECIAL OFFERS

Special offer: Online Tourism Fair offer Eforie Nord


Special offer: Last Minute Eforie Nord


Special offer: Seaside for everybody Eforie Nord


Standard accommodation rates for summer 2019


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You can make reservation at Arta Hotel Eforie Nord by phone 0241 488 206

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Summer Theatre area, at 150 meters from the beach


6 Alexandru I. Cuza str


100m-500m from beach

Reviews about Arta hotel

Reviews and comments

Cleaning 4
Services 3
Positioning 3
Staff 3
Features 3
Rate quality ration 4
from 5 points


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