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Location: the complex is located on Sf Gheorghe arm, in Uzlina village. Transportation can be made by boats from Murighiol village (38 km from tulcea city, Murighiol village, in Uzlina village). Here ... Continue reading

Conference room
Fitness Room
Air conditioning

on Sf Gheorghe arm, Uzlina village, See the map

Description Cormoran hotel

Location: the complex is located on Sf Gheorghe arm, in Uzlina village. Transportation can be made by boats from Murighiol village (38 km from tulcea city, Murighiol village, in Uzlina village). Here a surveilled parking lot is available for a charge where cars can be parked.(aproximately 10 lei/car/day).
Cormoran Complex is built on a 7 km long island, in the heart of the Danube Delta. Surounded by specific nature , Cormoran provides its guests a relaxing and confortable stay. Along the accommodation spaces the complex provides swimming pools, sports fields, equitation center, sauna, playgrounds, motor or rawing boats. On request trips to Danube Delta can be provided.
Regarding the accommodation spaces, the Cormoran Complex consists of a hotel, a couple of villas and a pension.

Did you know that for reservations at Hotel Cormoran Uzlina you can receive a credit equivalent to 2% of the reservation value if you make the reservation logged into your account on the website?

Hotel facilities

- 3 stars hotel – 34 double rooms, 2 studios
- 3 stars B type Villa – 6 suites
- 3 stars A type Villa –10 villas with 4 rooms each
- 3 stars pension - 3 double rooms and 3 triple rooms
- Restaurants, bar, terrace
- Fitness room, sauna
- Swimming pools
- Conferente rooms
- Equitation center, boats, ATVs
- Sports courts - tennis, basketball, football, voleyball
- Biliards, tabel tennis
- Club


Room facilities

Hotel  –  own bathroom, air conditioning, TV, phone. Studios are equipped with jacuzzi.
Type B Villa – suites provides inside staircase, living room and 2 dormitories, air conditioning, fridge, 2 bathrooms, terrace
Type A Villa – each villa provides 4 rooms with separate entrance, air conditioning, bathroom, terrace and TV
Pension – each room provides TV and bathroom

Other specificatios

Check-in: 16:00Check-out: 12:00

For this hotel you need to pay a city tax at reception worth 5 lei /adult/day


For a charge: swimming pool access and towels, playground for children, fintness room, sports field, table tennis, wireless internet connection in the hotel's lobby, club/disco.
For a charge: transfers or speed boats rentals, ARBDD fee, local taxes (2,5% of the accommodation), parking lor, camp fires.

Transfers/boat rentals informative rates:
Boat transfer - Murighiol – Uzlina – Murighiol – 2 persons minimum – 55 Ron/person
Speed barge transfer - minimum 2 persons  -  77 Ron/persons

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Frequent questions for Cormoran Hotel Uzlina

The following types of rooms are available for this hotel :
Reservations made at this hotel can be paid in cash according to the specifications on the invoice, by bank transfer in the agency's accounts, online with the card or with holiday vouchers (holiday vouchers).
Yes, the hotel has its own restaurant.
At this hotel the tourists can stay starting with the hour 16:00 , and the maximum check-out time is 12:00
Guests staying at Cormoran Hotel can benefit from the following facilities
Yes, you can pay with both vouchers and a holiday card.
Most recent reservation at Cormoran Hotel: 08.04.2024 at 20:45

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Location HotelUzlina

on Sf Gheorghe arm, Uzlina village


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